This usage analysis tool makes it easy to see how much you’re talking, texting and downloading, so you know when you might need to change your plan.

Online mobile device account management lets you get right to the important parts of your bill. With the My Verizon Wireless Account Analysis feature, Verizon customers can take a look at their usage trends and make sure they’re on the right plan.

If you aren’t already using My Verizon, now is a great time to sign up. To use the Account Analysis feature, just visit and sign in to your account (that is, if you aren’t already signed in).

The usage overview page shows you a six-month billing history in an easy-to-read graph that indicates where you may have had any overage charges. View your Voice, Messaging and Data usage individually to further explore how much you’re actually talking, texting and downloading. Various levels of plan details clearly indicate how many minutes you’ve used, and text messages you’ve sent and received, as well as how much data you’ve used, all in a way that identifies whether any overage charges were applied, or when you came close to your limit.

If you’re experiencing overages, the analysis will give you personalized recommendations on how to change your current plan to meet your needs. And if, for example, you discover a rogue family member is eating up all of your plan’s data one month, you can set up alerts that will notify everyone on your plan when overages are approaching.

Be on the lookout for special offers and phone upgrade eligibility, too. Using My Verizon is an easy way to stay informed about your account.


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