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Verizon -
your high speed internet service provider

Man with tablet blown away by the speed of Verizon's high speed internet connection.

When your connection is everything.

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Verizon -
your high speed internet service provider

Man with tablet blown away by the speed of Verizon's high speed internet connection.

When your connection is everything.

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Home internet
service from Verizon

The Verizon network delivers access to blazing-fast internet speeds, along with superior reliability and performance. Fios is the 100% fiber-optic network that brings you internet as it should be.

100% fiber-optic network

Fios TV and Internet are transmitted by fiber-optic light bursts to the home. These bursts travel great distances, with more speed and less signal interference, so you can enjoy faster Internet speeds and unbeatable TV picture.


Winning awards is great. Winning awards from our customers is better. And Fios customers have given the 100% fiber-optic network more awards in customer satisfaction and internet speed than any other provider over the past 10 years.

Powerful connectivity

The average household has 10 connected devices*—and that number continues to rise yearly. Even when you’re not using a tablet, phone or smart home device, they’re still connected to your internet, using up valuable bandwidth. Faster speed makes all the difference. Details

  • 100% fiber-optic network
  • Reliability
  • Powerful connectivity

Why you need
our fastest speeds:
Fios Gigabit Connection
(up to 940 Mbps)

Fios Gigabit Connection
Standalone Internet
Starting at $79.99/mo

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Is your internet provider as fast as it can be?

See how it measures up to Fios.

Rated #1 in satisfaction

Fios has been rated #1 in speed and reliability 12 years in a row, and is more likely than Comcast, Spectrum, Optimum and Cox to be recommended by customers to friends and family.


Internet Service Providers - Overall Satisfaction Score
Fios has been consistently rated highly in customer satisfaction.

High Speed Internet (DSL) service

In areas where Fios isn’t available, we offer High Speed Internet (DSL) service.

Best for people who:

  • Prefer a modem so they can use phone and internet at the same time
  • Are located close to their internet provider’s central office
  • Don’t want to share speed with neighbors
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Advantages of DSL over dialup:

  • A 24/7 internet connection
  • Greater bandwidth and speed options
  • More reliable network performance and higher speeds

Why choose a high speed
internet plan from Verizon?

Our goal is to keep you up and running online—safely, affordably and hassle-free.

Proven performance

Don’t share so much bandwidth. With a cable ISP you share your bandwidth with potentially hundreds of your neighbors. Verizon Fios and DSL services simply don’t work that way.

Affordably priced

Save and take advantage of special discounts when you subscribe to a Verizon internet plan and/or bundle it with TV and phone services. Enjoy the internet speed that matches the pace of your life.

Peace of mind

We also help protect your internet connection with comprehensive security solutions, troubleshoot operating system issues, set up wireless networks, parental controls and much more.

  • Proven performance
  • Affordably priced
  • Peace of mind

Questions are good. Answers are better.

  • What is considered high speed internet?

  • Is DSL high speed internet?

  • How does high speed internet work?

  • Is high speed internet available at my address?

Find the right internet service plan for you.

Now that you've had a chance to learn about all the advantages of Fios Internet and Verizon DSL, it's time to see which is available in your area.


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