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*Symmetrical speed options available up to 500/500 Mbps.

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New Yorkers move fast.
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Waiting on the subway is a given but waiting on your internet or cable unacceptable. That’s why New Yorkers choose Verizon Fios as their internet service provider. It’s the bullet train of speed with powerful fiber optics you can count on, whether you live in an apartment in the city or out on Long Island. With a 100% fiber optic network, nothing bests Verizon Fios for speed, reliability, and customizable packages.

When you combine Fios Internet that’s as fast as a New York minute and as predictable as the morning rush, along with Tony-worthy TV picture quality, you’ve got a winner. As a New Yorker, you expect nothing but the best, especially from your internet and cable provider. So what are you waiting for New York City? 

Verizon Fios in NY

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