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50MB $20 International Monthly Plan for select cruises and flights

When you're on select cruise ships and airplanes outside of the US, our $20 International Monthly Plan gives your world device 50 MB of data for a flat $20 fee.

General Information

  1. What is the $20 International Monthly Plan?

    The $20 International Monthly Plan is:

    • Available on select ships and planes only.
    • 50 MB of data
    • A plan for data only and is not a calling or texting plan. (If you call and text while you're on a cruise ship or plane, you're charged "pay as you go" rates.)

  2. Which cruise ships and airplanes are covered by the 50 MB $20 International Monthly Plan?

    To check whether your cruise ship or airplane has cellular service:

    • View a list of cruise ships.
    • Airplanes: Contact your airline directly for details of onboard service.

  3. Which devices can use the plan?

    Your device must be a 4G GSM World device.

  4. How do I add the 50 MB $20 International Monthly Plan to my mobile device?

    When you board, if the $20 International Monthly Plan is available on your cruise or flight, we automatically send you a text message that lets you add the plan by responding to the text.

    Keep in mind: This plan can't be added in advance or through Verizon Wireless customer service.

  5. What data speeds can I expect to get with the 50 MB $20 International Monthly Plan?

    You can expect 3G data speeds.

  6. Does the 50 MB $20 International Monthly Plan expire?

    Yes. The 50 MB that you get with the plan and the plan itself both automatically expire after 1 month.

    To see the status of the plan, open your My Verizon online account or app, choose Account then International.

24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile