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Desk phone Business Directory Download

This feature, when enabled, pulls information from different sources in the One Talk Portal, and, pushes it out to one or multiple Desk phones in a given Group.

The sources of information are the "Setup User Info" section, the user feature "Virtual On-net Extensions" section, the Automated Receptionist section and the Hunt Group section.

From all those sections the following data fields are extracted and pushed out to the Desk phone(s) in the selected Group.

  • Phone Number
  • Name & Last Name
  • Extension

    To enable the feature perform the following steps:

    1. Sign in to My Business: https://sso.verizonenterprise.com/

    2. Click Manage on the right side of the One Talk home page.

    3. On the "One Talk Groups" screen, edit the Group you want to enable the feature on.

    4. On the "Edit Group" pop- up screen, check the box next to Enable Directory Download for this Group.

    You only need to perform the steps once for each Group. When the feature is enabled at the Group level, you can select the Desk phone or Desk phone receiving the information from the One Talk portal.

    How to select devices receiving the information for the Business Directory in the Desk phone

    To select one, multiple or all Desk phones follow the steps below as indicated.

    1. Access the One Talk portal from the Overview page and click Lines & Devices.

    2. On the "Lines & Devices" main screen, click Devices.

    3. You can select one, multiple, or all Desk phones from the list. Only Desk phones can receive the information. No other devices, such as smartphones or mobile clients should be selected.

    4. Next, click the Actions dropdown and select Enable Directory download.

    5. You'll see the following pop-up screen.

      Check the box and click Submit.

      There's 3 ways Desk phones receive the information from the One Talk portal.
      1. The Desk phone contacts the One Talk portal once every night to check for new information or updates.
      2. You can restart the Desk phone any time after the above steps have been completed; whenever a Desk phone restarts, the device contacts the One Talk portal and retrieves any new information and updates in real time.
      3. You can also retrieve new changes by clicking Update on the Business Directory screen.

    Business Directory experience in the Desk phone

    Desk phones, upon retrieval of the information from the One Talk portal, will create a new "Business Directory" in each one of the selected Desk phones in the enabled Group.

    There's 2 ways to access the Business Directory. (Example screens from a T46x.)

    1. Click Directory on the main phone screen.

    2. From the Directory screen, click Remote Directory.

    3. The next screen shows the Business Directory.

    You can also access Business Directory by:

    1. Click Menu on the phone main screen.

    2. Click Directory.

    3. You'll see the Business Directory.

    Things to know about the Business Directory:

    • The Business Directory is a unidirectional push from the One Talk portal down to the Desk phone(s).
    • The Business Directory is read-only, manual entries are not allowed.
    • You can update your Business Directory in either the "Set Up User Info" section.

    • Or from the "Virtual On-Net Extensions" section.

    • You can also retrieve new changes by clicking Update on the Business Directory screen.

    • When a line is moved from one Group to another, the admin will need to perform the Line Level enablement explained earlier in this page to have the Desk phone download the Business Directory of the new Group.