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Verizon Security & Privacy is being upgraded to Digital Secure

Verizon Security & Privacy has been updated with a new name and look. Say hello to Digital Secure.

New Features. In addition to the tools we offered with Security & Privacy, including scanning for viruses, app privacy threats, Wi-Fi security threats and risky websites, you can now upgrade your experience to include a secure VPN connection when using public Wi-Fi and identity theft protection.

App Permissions. Since we have updated our app, when you open the new Digital Secure app for the first time, you will be asked to grant the app permissions needed to protect your phone against viruses and other threats and to provide a secure VPN connection (a premium feature). For the features to work, the app will need access to the following information from your device:

  • Phone: This lets us use your phone number to confirm your eligibility to use Digital Secure and for billing purposes.
  • SMS: This lets us scan your text messages for malware, viruses and other threats.
  • Storage: This lets us scan your photos, media and files stored on your device for malware, viruses and other threats.
  • Location: This lets us use Wi-Fi access point data to warn you about Wi-Fi security threats and to establish and provide VPN service.
  • Accessibility: This lets us block suspicious websites that can put your personal info at risk.

To Update from Verizon Security & Privacy to Digital Secure:


  1. Look for a notification from the Google Play™ Store that says Verizon Security & Privacy needs an update.
  2. Tap the notification and follow the onscreen prompts to update Security & Privacy.
  3. Once the update is complete, tap the new Digital Secure icon (shown below) to open the app.
    Note: The update will automatically remove the old icon for Verizon Security & Privacy from your device.
  4. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions and Permissions in the app to ensure Digital Secure is protecting your device.

You've successfully updated from Verizon Security & Privacy to Digital Secure.

Frequently asked questions:

    Why do I need Digital Secure if I have Verizon Security & Privacy?

    The Verizon Security & Privacy app is being discontinued and is being replaced by Digital Secure. Additional features are available with the premium version of Digital Secure to help keep your personal data protected from the latest online threats.

    How is Digital Secure different from Security & Privacy?

    Digital Secure is a new app that you can use to protect your device. The features are the same as Security & Privacy, and new features (e.g., secure VPN and identity theft protection) have been added when you subscribe to the premium version of Digital Secure.

    For more information, visit our Digital Secure FAQs for more information.

    Where can I learn more about Digital Secure?

    For more information about Digital Secure, visit our Digital Secure FAQs. To learn how to use the new app, visit our How to Use Digital Secure page.

    You can also contact us for additional help.