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Global Roaming Service Issue Resolution

Details About Your Verizon Service Issue

Our investigation with our international roaming partners determined reduced signal strength in your reported area, which can cause weak and reduced network connectivity, especially indoors.

Though Verizon makes every effort to ensure your roaming experience is seamless, some areas have sub-optimal signal strength.

Other impacts to your service could include:

  • Network usage and capacity
  • Seasonal issues, such as large groups of people for events or holidays, or even foliage during spring and summer
  • Population increases
  • New building construction interrupting line of sight to cell towers

We're always reviewing our service partner areas, but we can't share our roaming partners build out plans, nor can we provide specific information about when service may improve.

Some additional options that could help your experience:

  • Be sure to turn on your device’s international calling assist feature, such as Assisted Dialing for Android™ or Dial Assist for iOS, if applicable.
  • Some carriers do not support HD Voice. Our simulators have easy step-by-step instructions on how to turn HD Voice off and on.

Thank you for assisting us by letting us know there was a problem with your service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve your issue and thank you for choosing Verizon!

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