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No Longer Supported: GizmoTab™ app

Verizon is retiring the GizmoTab app between 12/1/2022-12/6/2022. Find out how to use your GizmoTablet without the GizmoTab app.

    How do I use my GizmoTablet after the GizmoTab app is discontinued?

    You can use GizmoTablet in full Android™ mode* even after GizmoTab app is retired:

    • Apps and content you downloaded from Google Play™ Store remain active.
    • Apps and GizmoTab Kids Catalog content you downloaded with GizmoTab app won't be accessible.
    • Parental control settings you had in GizmoTab app are removed.
      • Learn about Verizon Smart Family controls.

    Important: The GizmoTab app icon will remain, but the app won't. When the app is retired during the 6 days between 12/1/2022-12/6/2022, GizmoTablet will work in Android mode only.

    *Switch your GizmoTablet to full Android mode: from the GizmoTab Parent Dashboard, choose Exit to Android Tablet.

Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.