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Self-Installing Verizon Service?

Follow the link below and it will guide you through setting up your Router and TV equipment.

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Verizon Fios Self-Installation

Installing Verizon Fios

Self-Installation is a great way to set up your Fios Internet, TV and Phone service(s) when it's convenient for you. Verizon can mail you the equipment or you can pick it up at one of our Fios Locations.

When you’ve received your equipment, sign into My Verizon or the My Fios app to get your Fios up and running with the easy step-by-step instructions.

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Note: If you’re still waiting for your equipment you can check the status of your order any time in My Verizon or the My Fios app.

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Select your Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

Click image for a larger view. Note: Your ONT may be enclosed in a grey case.

Learn about your Fios TV and Internet Installation

Video showing how to install your router and set-top boxes, so you can setup your Verizon Fios Internet and TV services.

Verizon Fios TV One Self-Installation

How to Setup Your Set Top Box.

Learn about Fios Internet Installation

Video showing how to install a Fios router and setup your Verizon Internet service.


Frequently asked questions

  • How do I determine if my order is eligible for Fios Self-Install?

  • Eligibility will be determined at the time you place your order and is dependent on:

    • If service was previously located at the address and there is an existing Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
    • The status of existing equipment like the Optical Network Terminal, which must pass testing done by Verizon
    • If there is a need for any additional jacks or wiring
    • If you have the ability to do light work like installing the router and other equipment

    Other restrictions may apply.

  • I don’t have the user guide that came with the equipment, how can I get a copy?

  • For complete information, user guides and step-by-step help in setting up your equipment, visit the equipment pages below.

    Fios Router User Guides

    Set Top Box & DVR User Guides

  • What happens if I have trouble installing the service myself?

  • No problem, our Tech Support Agents are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also visit the equipment pages for complete information, user guides and step-by-step help in setting up your equipment.

    Fios Router User Guides

    Set Top Box & DVR User Guides

  • If I’m moving my service to a location that is eligible for self-install, can I just take my equipment?

  • In most cases you can take your existing equipment with you. You would take your router, set-top boxes, remote and any wiring.

    Note: Some exceptions may apply for older equipment. Verizon will confirm this when you place the order.

  • I got my equipment, can I install Fios prior to my due date?

  • Yes, you may be able to activate your service early. Billing will begin once your equipment is activated. Some restrictions may apply.

  • What if I don’t install my services before or on the due date?

  • You can install the service at your convenience. Billing will begin on your due date.

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