Verizon Home Awareness

Home Awareness is a new service only available to Fios Customers. When enabled, Home Awareness gives your home a feeling of safety and security.  

Home Awareness detects movement inside your home  when Wi-Fi signals from your internet router to connected devices are disrupted.  Using artificial intelligence, the technology will  detect real movement, and can distinguish movement of people from those of pets or objects.   

Home Awareness can be found in the My Verizon app on the Internet dashboard. Sign in to the My Verizon app and then click Internet. Once the internet dashboard has fully loaded you will see Home Awareness if you have enrolled.  

To install the My Verizon app, visit the Apple® App Store® for iOS or Google Play for Android.

My Fios app screen highlighting 'Internet'
My Fios app screen highlighting 'Home Awareness'
My Fios app screen highlighting 'Home Awareness'


Setting up Home Awareness

Device Placement Tips

Before you begin setup, please review the following guidance:

Setup Tips

Step 1: Getting started: Sign in to My Verizon to enroll in Home Awareness

Step 2: Click on setup Home Awareness: After the tutorial, you will be prompted to select from a list of devices that the system has identified as eligible with Home Awareness. Device names may be generic, but you will have an opportunity to name and locate them on the next screen. Select devices that are spread out from the router and in areas where activity usually occurs, such as the family room and other high-traffic areas. Continue to enable them for motion sensing.

Step 3: Naming and Locating devices: Your selected devices are now enabled for motion sensing. Try walking slowly around your eligible IoT devices and look for activity in the circles below. There can be a delay of several seconds before activity shows, depending on the network’s congestion, traffic, and volume. Once you have identified a device and its location, you can input that information or skip and do it later.

Step 4: Setting Sensitivity level for Notifications: Notification sensitivity affects the amount of notifications you receive. A higher setting will result in more notifications and a lower setting will result in fewer notifications. You can adjust this anytime.

Keep in mind, Home Awareness works by creating a loop between IoT devices and the router or extender (if you have an eligible extender). When a connected device is close to the router (or an eligible extender) or stacked over the router (or an eligible extender) on a different floor, then the device’s coverage loop can be very small and may result in minimal activity reported on your activity screen. If the connected devices are spread out evenly from the router (and an eligible extender), you will have a greater opportunity to have motion detected and reported in the My Verizon app.

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