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How to send us a mobile device or accessory

Get steps to ship us your 30-day return, warranty, early upgrade or trade-in device.


    Why might I have to send a mobile device to Verizon?

    You may need to send us a mobile device(e.g., phone, tablet, etc.) because you:

    • Changed your mind about a purchase during the 30-day return & exchange period.
    • Have a malfunctioning device that's under warranty.
    • Want to trade in for a new device or do an early upgrade.

    Note: If you need to send us your home internet equipment (e.g. routers, receivers), different return processes apply. Visit our LTE Home Internet FAQs, 5G Home Internet FAQs or Fios Equipment return page to learn more.

    What are the steps to send in a mobile device?

    No matter why you’re sending us a mobile device, you must prepare the device before sending (e.g., backing up content and wiping data).

    Shipping materials and time frames differ for 30-day returns and exchanges, replacements, upgrades and trade-ins. Use the links on this page for specific steps.

    How do I remove my personal information before I send back my mobile device?

    Before you ship the device to us:

    Can I print a new shipping label online for my mobile device return?

    If you lost your shipping label for a mobile device, you may be able to print a new one online. Learn more about shipping different kinds of returns:

    Fast fact: If you bought at a Verizon Authorized Retailer, contact that retailer (except for warranty replacements).

    Can I turn in a mobile device at a local Verizon store?

    Items bought at a Verizon store, on verizon.com or with our Customer Service can be turned in at a Verizon store for 30-day returns and exchanges. If you're trading in a device, visit our Trade-In Tracker for available options.

    You can't turn in your device at a Verizon store if you:

    • Bought the item at a Verizon Authorized Retailer (except for warranty replacements)
    • Are sending in a defective device that's under warranty.

    Learn about device recycling at Verizon stores.

    How do I track my shipment to Verizon?

    Use the carrier's (e.g., FedEx, UPS, etc.) tracking number to track your shipment.

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