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Verizon Device Returns, Exchanges, Trade-ins - How to Prep & Ship

There may be times you need to send a device back to us. Follow the steps below to prepare the device and correctly ship it.

  1. Back up your content and contacts. Back up the pictures, videos, messages or contacts you want to save. Visit our Content Transfer Center to learn how to back up using Verizon Cloud, Google Drive™ online storage service or Apple iCloud®.

    If your device is defective and you can't do a backup, skip to Step 2.
  2. Disable Find My iPhone or Find My Device. If either of these are enabled, you must disable it before returning the device to us. Failure to disable this feature will delay the processing of your device, and can cause an activation failure on new device purchases. Visit these pages to learn how:
  3. Do a factory reset. To protect sensitive information that might be on your device, do a factory reset before sending your device back. Visit these pages to learn how:
  4. Pack your device. Instructions for packing your device depends on the reason for your return. Visit the pages below for more information.  Before packing your device, make sure your battery is working properly. Don't return a damaged or defective battery or phone with one (e.g., a battery that's swollen, leaking or too hot to touch).
  5. Ship your device. After packing your device in the shipping material, bring your package to the carrier listed on the shipping label or contact them for pickup.

    Note: Be sure to remove any old shipping labels from the box you are using bringing it to the shipping carrier.

For more information on any of the topics discussed above, please visit our support pages or Live Chat with us:

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