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Verizon 5G Home Internet Terms of Service

Service Availability. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that our 5G Home Internet service will be available at your address, even if we accepted your order and attempt to install it. The 5G Home Internet service uses 4G LTE when 5G Ultra Wideband is not available, does not support static IP addresses, and may not be compatible with some live TV streaming services (you should verify compatibility with your streaming provider).

Equipment. We'll provide you with equipment, which may include an indoor and/or outdoor receiver, and a router, to use with your 5G Home Internet service. That equipment will continue to be owned by us, and you can't use it for any other purpose, move it to a different location or position without our authorization (just contact us and ask, so we can let you know), tamper with or intentionally damage it, or allow anyone else to service it. We will repair and maintain that equipment at our expense, unless we determine that you misused, abused or intentionally damaged the equipment, in which case, you will have to pay the replacement cost of it. If any of that equipment is stolen, please provide us with a copy of your police report, so that you are not charged for it. Any equipment that you purchase, such as a Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi extender mini, Home Phone Base, or video streaming hardware, is owned by you, and you are responsible for its repair, maintenance and replacement at your own expense, even if we give you any of this equipment for free as part of a promotion.

Installation/Setup and Access to Your Premises. If you need professional installation/setup, we will attempt to install/setup the 5G Home Internet service at the address provided by you at the time of sale. If you self-install/setup the 5G Home Internet service and equipment, carefully follow the installation/setup instructions provided in the box(es) and My Verizon app. Your 5G Home Internet service includes 30 days of free 5G Home setup support to assist with installation and setup, should you need it. After 30 days, 5G Home setup support will automatically end. From time to time, we may conduct signal testing outside your address or access your outdoor receiver to service, inspect, upgrade, replace and/or remove it.

Changing Service Location. You may not move the 5G Home Internet service to another address without our authorization. If you are moving to a new address and wish to continue using the 5G Home Internet service, then please contact us to confirm coverage and whether you can install/setup it or need professional installation/setup at your new address. If you move without notifying us, then we may not be able to provide service to you.

Cancellation and Equipment Returns. We may cancel your order or service, if (a) 5G Ultra Wideband or 4G LTE backup coverage is not available at your address, (b) installation/setup cannot be completed for any reason, or (c) you do not complete Self Setup or schedule professional installation/setup to occur within 30 days after you ordered 5G Home Internet service. Upon termination of your 5G Home Internet service or order, you should return the Verizon-owned equipment to us in an undamaged condition (subject only to reasonable wear and tear) within 30 days after cancellation, or you may be charged an unreturned equipment fee, which may be substantial. Keep any purchased equipment. If you don't cancel your 5G Home Internet service, then your service charges will continue to apply, even if you return the equipment. If we ask you to leave the outdoor receiver in place, you will not be charged an unreturned equipment fee for it.

This Terms of Service may be modified by us from time to time.