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Verizon Cloud Content Restore Service Issue Resolution

(Video Length- 1:11 )

verizon-cloud-content-restore-ticket: Video Transcript

Here are some tips for commonly used Verizon Cloud features:

Auto-restoring media

  • Verizon Cloud allows you to auto-restore media created within 30 days. The media is still available in Verizon Cloud after 30 days, but you'll need to access the content manually.
  • You can download individual files to your device with the Verizon Cloud app for Android™ and iOS.
  • On a computer, you can sign into My Verizon to view and manage all available media.

Alternate sync/back-up services

  • Your device may have many different options to back up content. Other methods include Apple® iCloud, Google services like Google Calendar and Contacts, and third-party sync services through your app store.
    • Note: Verizon Cloud does not automatically sync content from these additional services. (It only backs up content you specifically authorize to do so.)
  • Verizon Cloud recognizes specific folders for backup, but doesn't recognize some folders or sub-folders created by third-party apps.
  • Transfer media to the DCIM, Pictures or Movies folders. Media saved to external storage cards also backs up from the same folder types.

Text message thread limits

  • Verizon Cloud can restore full or partial message threads. This setting can be changed in the Verizon Cloud Advanced Settings menu.
  • Select Delete Old Messages to limit the restoration to 5000 messages within a message thread.

Content archive after service disconnect or feature removal

  • A content archive is available for 30 days after a service disconnect, or if you remove Verizon Cloud in My Verizon. All content is deleted after 30 days.

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