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Verizon Smart Family™ Terms & Conditions

This agreement ("Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions under which you agree to use and Verizon agrees to provide the Verizon Smart Family service ("Smart Family"). By using Smart Family for any line under your wireless account, you accept this Agreement for yourself and for any users that you allow to use Smart Family under your account ("Users"). Verizon may change this Agreement from time to time. By continuing to use Verizon Smart Family after we have notified you of changes, you're agreeing to accept those changes.

  1. Customer Agreement and Verizon Smart Family Frequently Asked Questions. Smart Family is subject to all of the terms in your Customer Agreement with us. Capitalized terms not defined in this Agreement are defined in the Customer Agreement, which can be found at https://www.verizon.com/support/customer-agreement/. Smart Family is also subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Frequently Asked Questions, which can be found at https://www.verizon.com/support/verizon-smart-family-faqs/.

  2. Fees and Data Charges. Data that is used when downloading and using the Smart Family Parent mobile application ("Parent App") and the Smart Family Companion mobile application ("Companion App") will be billed according to your Plan. Data charges may apply when using the location-based services even if your device is also connected to Wi-Fi. Monthly service charges apply based on the Smart Family plan you select. Terms, fees and features may change over time. We offer promotional plans which automatically convert to a paid plan at its regular price at the end of the promotional period unless you choose to cancel prior to the end of the promotional period. You may cancel Smart Family service using any of the following cancellation methods: in the Parent App, in My Verizon, at a retail store or by calling customer service. UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO CANCEL PRIOR TO THE NEXT BILLING PERIOD, YOUR SERVICE WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW MONTHLY AND YOU AUTHORIZE US TO COLLECT THE THEN-APPLICABLE MONTHLY FEE AND ANY TAXES OR SURCHARGES FOR THE SERVICE USING THE PAYMENT METHOD WE HAVE ON RECORD FOR YOU (WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOU, UNLESS REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW). Payments are non-refundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used or unused subscription periods.

  3. Privacy. We collect, use and share information about your and Users' Smart Family use as described in our Privacy Policy, which can be found at http://www.verizon.com/about/privacy/smart-family-privacy-policy. By entering into this Agreement, you consent to the data collection, use and sharing practices described in our Privacy Policy.

  4. Intended Use; User Conduct. Smart Family is intended for personal, noncommercial use by individuals who are either: (a) the parent or legal guardian of a User or (b) have the consent of the User. It is not intended for use by businesses or other organizations. You will only use Smart Family and the information provided thereby for devices assigned to your account, in the possession of individuals under your legal supervision, custody or control or for which you have obtained authorized consent to participate in the monitoring services. You will not stalk, harass, harm, threaten or invade the privacy of any person. You will use Smart Family and the information provided thereby only for lawful purposes and in accordance with this Agreement. Verizon accepts no liability for any such unauthorized use. Unlawful use of this service may carry criminal and/or civil penalties. We are not responsible for and disclaim any liability arising, resulting from or relating to a User's tampering with, removal or disablement of the Companion App.

  5. Settings and Limitations. Smart Family is not guaranteed to be precise or accurate. Certain settings and features may not work outside the United States or on Wi-Fi networks. You are solely responsible for choosing and applying settings and informing Users of how your chosen settings will monitor, restrict or limit their use of services. Settings will be lost if you unsubscribe, fail to renew, are canceled for non-payment, or your Service is otherwise suspended. If you upload a photo for a family member, that photo will be seen by other family members that have downloaded the Smart Family Parent App or Smart Family Companion App, and will override any contact photo they may have for members on the account.

    Smart Family does not enable you to view, access or store the content of Users' calls or messages. With permission, Smart Family may access parent line contacts and child line contacts to help parents identify the calling and texting activity on child lines. The call and text history will contain only the contact names and phone numbers that are stored in the address book on your device or your User's device, so contacts from other services such as Facebook and Google+ won't be viewable if they are not synced to the device's address book.

    We do not guarantee that content you consider objectionable or want to be blocked will always be blocked. Also, sometimes content blockers will block content that you may consider acceptable. In addition, because third-party content can change without notice, we cannot guarantee that our categories of content and content filters will always stay current with changes in third-party content. In the event that you believe our service is misclassifying a site or service, please contact us at verizonsmartfamily@verizonwireless.com so that we may review your concern.

    Just Kids Plan. Certain settings and features may work differently for Smart Family Premium lines on a Just Kids plan. Call and texts are automatically restricted to the Trusted Contacts managed by the parent line, and time restrictions for calls and texts is not an available feature. Just Kids plan data allowance is automatically applied (with Safety Mode once the data allowance is reached), unless parent sets a lower data allowance or blocks data. Smart Family settings may be lost if the subscription changes as a result of the Just Kids plan being removed from the child line(s).

  6. Usage restrictions. Usage controls (minutes, text, data, blocked contacts, and trusted contacts) only work over cellular networks and not on Wi-Fi connections. Time of day restrictions work over cellular networks and, if the Companion App is installed on the User's device, on Wi-Fi connections as well. Roaming, time zone settings and other factors may delay when User activity is reported, which could result in overage charges even if you have applied settings to limit such activity. Purchase limits, which apply to certain content downloads and purchases from merchants that are billed by Verizon, do not apply to minutes of use, messaging fees, data charges for use of a service or application, or fees for certain third-party services and applications, including Apple App Store and Google Play. Text limits can be applied to messages that are sent and received over the cellular network, but will not apply to messages sent within Apple iMessage, chat messages sent within Google Messages or activity on other messaging apps. Data limits count data used for third party applications and services, including those that run in the background or when the device screen is dimmed or off. Data limits are not guaranteed to stop data usage at a certain amount; for example, data usage in an active streaming session by a User will not stop until that active streaming session is over, even if the data target already has been reached. Call limits do not apply to calls made and received using third-party applications and services such as Skype and WhatsApp. If you choose to restrict calls after minute limits are reached, only calls to and from Trusted Contacts and 911 will be permitted until you remove the limit. You can't block calls to 611, 911 or 988, or messages to 911 if supported, and Trusted Contacts can't also be set as Blocked Contacts. Blocking 411 calls will not block calls to (Area Code) 555-1212. When you block a contact, you will not be notified of attempted calls or messages between the User and the blocked contact. When a User calls 911, all call and text limits and time restrictions for calls will be suspended until you reapply them or 4 hours have passed. You will be notified when restrictions have been suspended due to a 911 call. Timing of this notification may vary depending on various factors, including if the Companion App is installed on the User's device, if controls have been applied to the User's line, and your notification settings. Time restrictions and data limits that are set will apply to use of the Parent App or Companion App on the device, except cellular data will continue to be used to allow Smart Family location-based services, content filters and notifications to continue to work.

  7. Website and App Activity and Screen Time. Smart Family allows you to view the website and app activity on the mobile devices for lines you designate as child lines on your account, and which devices have been enabled for these monitoring services. Features will vary by device type. Website and app activity may include both user generated activity as well as websites and apps that run in the background on the device and ads served on sites visited. Screen time is calculated differently based on device type and should be used as a reference, but not for the actual time spent on the device or certain apps. Screen time may not be available for all apps. This information is shared only with the designated parent lines on the Smart Family account. For info on how to stop sharing this information, see https://www.verizon.com/support/verizon-smart-family-faqs/. For security, Verizon notifies Users when website and app activity monitoring has been added to their device and sends periodic reminders of this monitoring. You must obtain the consent of Users that you add to these services and inform them that their website and app activity will be monitored.

  8. Location-Based Services. The premium version of Smart Family allows you to locate the mobile devices you authorized to be added to your account. Location-based services allow you and your designated Smart Family account users to view the location of Users on a map and to receive location alerts, when the mobile device is turned on. Smart Family is designed to be used within Verizon coverage areas in the continental U.S. and Hawaii, and you must have an internet connection. Some features may not function outside of this service area. The location-based services use best efforts to calculate and return a location. However, due to potential limitations in location technology, device location may not be accurate, or available at all. For instance when a device does not have direct line-of-sight to the sky, is indoor, in tunnels, or underground, location may not be available and location accuracy may be impaired. Location accuracy may also be limited in rural and other areas where the Verizon network coverage is limited. For security, Verizon notifies Users when they are added to location-based services and sends periodic reminders of this location sharing. You must obtain the consent of all Users that you add to these services and inform them that the location of their device will be monitored. Use caution if and when providing location information to others and only share location information with those you trust. If your device is lost or stolen, please report it to Verizon immediately, and make sure you unpair any child or companion devices paired to Smart Family parent devices.

  9. Driving Insights. The premium version of Smart Family allows you to monitor driving behavior and driving trips for lines you designate as child lines on your account, and which devices have been enabled for these monitoring services. We make these features available by collecting location and motion information when the mobile device is in a moving vehicle, even if your designated child line is not the driver. You can review a summary for each trip detected, including the trip route on a map, distance traveled, top speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and use of the mobile device while driving. A driver score is calculated based on these trip events, unless you have designated the child as a passenger. When a potential crash is detected, it automatically alerts the designated parent lines on the account. Smart Family will not contact or dispatch 911 or other emergency services automatically. By using the service, you acknowledge your understanding that in the event a crash is detected, we will not send emergency help. To fully enjoy all of the features available, you must make sure your device maintains sufficient battery power above 15% (and not in power save mode), an internet and network connection, and all necessary smartphone settings including, but not limited to, permission for location sharing, battery usage, motion sensors, and background data processing. In order to receive driving notifications and crash alerts, you must turn on app notifications for Smart Family. You must obtain the consent of all Users that you add to these services and inform them that their driving behavior and location will be monitored through their mobile device. IF YOU DESIGNATE A CHILD LINE AS A PASSENGER, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THE DRIVER THAT LOCATION AND MOTION INFORMATION IS BEING COLLECTED BY THE CHILD'S MOBILE DEVICE WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO ACCESS INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR DRIVING ACTIVITY AND TRIP LOCATION AND DETAILS. Smart Family does not share any information about driving activity or crash events with third parties other than service providers who work on our behalf.

    These features may not work for a variety of reasons, such as if the device has no or poor internet connectivity, if location services are turned off, if the gyroscope and other motion sensors are not enabled, if the Companion App is blocked on the device, too many apps are open on the device or if you are making a phone call on the device. PLEASE NOTE THAT NOT ALL TRIPS, COLLISIONS OR ACCIDENTS WILL BE DETECTED BY SMART FAMILY AND A PHONE DROPPING OR A LOW SPEED INCIDENT MAY UNINTENTIONALLY REPORT A CRASH. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of driving behavior, trip detection and crash alerts as limitations or errors in the algorithms and processes may cause the service to not function properly. In some cases, the beginning of a trip may be delayed, a trip may get divided into two trips if there is a pause in the trip lasting longer than 5 minutes, or the service may not recognize short trips or short stops during a longer trip. If GPS signal is lost, the estimated travel path may not be the actual path traveled. There could also be instances where no speeding event populates, even though actual speeding took place. Speeding events consider the speeding characteristics, average speed, event duration, and road class. As a result, it does not mean that if you are going over the limit, the service will automatically report an event.

  10. License. Verizon grants to you and you accept a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use software made available for you to access Smart Family for your personal, non-commercial use in the United States on the devices on which it was originally installed. Smart Family is licensed and not sold to you. You will not or permit anyone else to sell, resell, distribute, loan, lease, otherwise transfer, copy, delete, record, translate, publish, upload, transmit, export, create derivative works of, make any commercial use of, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software. You will not alter, disable, or circumvent any digital rights management security features embedded in the software. All rights not expressly granted to you herein are reserved. Verizon may revoke this license at any time without notice.


  12. Indemnification. You will indemnify, defend and hold Verizon, and its licensors and suppliers, harmless from any claims arising out of or relating to your or any User's actual or alleged misuse or fraudulent use of Smart Family or any other actual or alleged breach of this Agreement. You are responsible for any costs incurred by Verizon or any other party (including reasonable legal fees) in connection with such claims. Misuse or fraudulent use includes, but is not limited to:
    • Harassing, stalking, threatening, or otherwise violating the legal rights of others;
    • Using Smart Family to collect, disseminate, or convey unlawful information or materials;
    • Attempting or assisting another to access, alter, or interfere with the communications and/or information about a User;
    • Tampering with or making an unauthorized connection to Smart Family.

  13. Termination. Verizon may suspend, terminate or discontinue Smart Family or your use of Smart Family at any time without notice, including if you breach this Agreement.

  14. Additional Terms and Conditions Applicable to Smart Family Applications Downloaded from the Apple App Store. You may only use the Parent App and Companion App (the "App") on Apple devices that you own or control, as permitted by the Usage Rules set forth in Apple's App Store Terms of Service. You and we acknowledge that: Apple is not obligated to furnish any maintenance and support services with respect to the App, that Apple and its subsidiaries are third party beneficiaries to this Agreement, and that, upon your acceptance of this Agreement, Apple will have the right to enforce this Agreement against you in its capacity as a third party beneficiary to the Agreement. Apple is not responsible for any claims made by you or a third party regarding the App, including intellectual property infringement claims, or your use or possession of the App, including but not limited to (i) product liability claims, (ii) any claim that the App fails to conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirement, (iii) claims arising under consumer protection or similar legislation, or (iv) claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses attributable to any failure of the App to conform to any warranty, express or implied. If the App fails to conform to any warranty, you may notify Apple and Apple may, as your sole and exclusive remedy, refund the amount - if any - that you paid Apple for the App. Questions regarding the App may be sent to verizonsmartfamily@verizonwireless.com.

Last updated April 2024