The LG WING™ 5G breaks the mold of what a smartphone can be. Its innovative multi-screen form factor, plus high-performance 5G connectivity* and a suite of content creation tools, enhances your productivity and fuels passions at every turn.

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Swivel Mode

Fits You. To a T.

Versatile and one-of-a-kind: no matter what you do, the form factor of the LG WING 5G improves the experience. Swivel the main display 90° to reveal a second screen. Rotate it back for a slim, streamlined device.

Multi-Screen Experience

One Phone, Two Screens

An integrated multi-screen design delivers a powerful experience that is every multi-tasker’s dream. Watch videos on the cinematic 6.8" edge-to-edge main display while chatting or surfing on the 3.9" secondary screen.2 The multi-screens on the LG WING™ 5G are surprisingly slim and provide virtually unlimited use possibilities. Only expose the secondary screen in Swivel Mode when you need it.

12 MP Ultra-Wide Angle Rear Camera with Hexa Motion Sensors

Smooth Control and Capture

Unlock unbelievably smooth video at your fingertips. Features like joystick control and follow mode help you pan, tilt and more to make cinema-quality video using a one-handed UI with a dedicated menu. Hexa Motion Sensors and triple axis stabilization provide incredible creative control, so you can capture and enjoy the moment—at once.

The LG VELVET™ 5G UW stands out in a crowd with a
striking design, premium features, and a giant leap
in 5G performance.

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Modern & Premium Design

Stylish. Sleek. Stunning.

Set trends in style with unique colors that change in
the light, refined water droplet-inspired cameras, and
3D arc edges. This device feels feather-light and fits
comfortably in one hand.

6.8” OLED FullVision™ Display

Cinema in Your Hands

See more scene on a large edge-to-edge screen.
Designed to deliver the full picture of movies as the
filmmaker intended. All the riveting action—no
cropping or distortion.

Triple Rear Cameras

Photos to Relive By

Three is better than one. Wrapped in a new and
modern design, these cameras deliver high-res
details, 120° ultra-wide angle views, artistic portraits,
and everything in between. Live life to the fullest—these
cameras will capture it all.

Record every intricate detail with next-level audio and
video capabilities and share at blazing-fast speeds.
This 5G phone with 6.8" OLED display will transform
the way you live, work and play.

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LG Dual Screen™

Two Is Better
Than One

Multi-task like never before with virtually endless
ways to use two screens*. Do it all at the
same time—on striking, expansive
toggling back and forth between apps.


Work While Playing

Watch movies1, videos, and sports
while navigating, researching,
communicating, and more.


Level-Up Your Game

Game while researching strategies or
conspiring with others. Or, use the second
screen as a controller with LG Game Pad2.

*LG V60 ThinQ™ 5G UW and LG Dual Screen™
are sold separately from select carriers.


Perfect & Share in a Snap

Capture, compare, and share special
moments in an instant. Snap and view
simultaneously to choose the perfect shot.

Detachable LG Dual Screen™

The Choice Is Yours

The power of two screens, the freedom to
choose one. Simply detach the second
screen* when you want to go minimal, or
enjoy the benefits of an extra display.

*LG V60 ThinQ™ 5G UW and LG Dual Screen™
are sold separately from select carriers.

5G Connectivity

Be 5G-Era Ready

Lightning-fast speeds. Robust connectivity. Instant
uploads and downloads. Stream while navigating,
communicating, and more across two screens* at
unreal speeds1. 5G will soon become the standard,
and the LG V60 ThinQ™ 5G UW is ready.

*LG V60 ThinQ™ 5G UW and LG Dual Screen™
are sold separately from select carriers.

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  1. Simultaneous multi-tasking subject to streaming app compatibility.
  2. Compatible with games that support Bluetooth® controllers.
  3. 5G coverage available in limited markets. Product features and performance may vary and are subject to network availability and connectivity.