My Why: Phil Puthumana

By: Rebecca Nicole Laming

A comic in his spare time, this V Teamer also stands up for students' access to technology.

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This week’s My Why episode highlights New Jersey’s Phil Puthumana, a program manager for Verizon’s Corporate Social Responsibility department, whose goals include expanding digital access and preparing people for the jobs of the future.

“I try to figure out how we can actually make a difference for teachers and students, using next-generation technology to enhance their learning,” said Phil, whose efforts to get kids excited about technology through the Verizon Innovative App Challenge led them all the way to the White House. “It makes me very proud to be able to create new programs, and really make a difference.”

Passionate about creating the next set of 5G solutions and opportunities for emerging generations, Phil also enjoys raising his two daughters and dabbling in standup comedy. “It all started with my dad, who actually has a real great sense of humor,” he said. “I started making fun of him, and then, of course, migrated to other subjects.”

What is My Why?

To celebrate Verizon’s 20th anniversary, we’re highlighting the Verizon journeys, accomplishments, passions and goals of 20 dynamic and diverse V Teamers.

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