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Jam on with the 5 best wireless headphones

New wireless headphones sound better—and last longer—than ever before.


Wireless headphones have had their problems. Pairing fumbles. No battery life. Poor sound quality—something serious audiophiles would never go for. (Insert record scratch sound effect.)

But a mix of things is changing perception. #CordFail is a thing. Engineers who used to sacrifice battery life for audio quality are finding room for both. Plus, we’re listening to more music, and we’re doing it on the go: 25 hours each week at work, in the car or doing chores at home, a Nielsen study says.

“It’s about the notion of freedom,” Scott Amyx says about the new wave of wireless innovation happening in your ears. Amyx writes about wearable tech and the digital currency of happiness. “Allowing people to be fully unencumbered. It basically frees you to do all the things you were forced to do in front of a computer, or a desk. You can do (them) on top of mountains.”

Ready to go wire free? These wireless headphones will get you on the right track.

Red is the new black

Headphones have become a must-have fashion accessory, even put in the same category as luxury watches and sunglasses. To keep that sweet spot on the top of your noggin wire free, Beats modeled the Beats Solo2™ Luxe Edition after luxury cars. Their 30-foot wireless range offers plenty of opportunity to roam from your phone.

Sound the alarm

Hard-core audiophiles argue that Bluetooth® wasn’t built for a quality sound experience—and they’re right. But technology like TriPort® on the Bose® SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II delivers deep, rich bass without the need for artificial electronic bass boost. And Active EQ ensures you hear great sound regardless of how loud you listen to your music.

Fitness meets fashion

2016 is another Olympic year. Historically the global games have had an impact on fashion, resulting in more active gear making its way into the office. For athletes and cubicle workout warriors, wireless headphones are a must-have. Under Armour® Headphones Wireless are sweatproof and come with an MVP membership to MapMyFitness.

Smarter headphones

Some headphones know when you’re listening. The Plantronics® BackBeat SENSE Wireless Headphones automatically pause the track when you take them off, and start up again when you put the headphones back on. If you’re not wearing the headphones and a call comes in, the conversation will automatically route back to your phone. Can’t find your headphones? Tap the Find MyHeadset app on your phone and follow the tone.

More options for a comfortable fit

If you’ve struggled with the earbuds that came with your phone, you might not believe the hype about how comfortable the new in-ear sports headphone buds can be. The Jaybird X2 Premium Wireless Earbuds give you more choices: Wear them over the ear, or under the ear. The buds stay locked in place during even your hardest workout. Plus, the matching carrying case makes them easy to find at the bottom of your gym bag.

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Wireless headphones vs. Wireless headsets

What’s the difference between Bluetooth headphones and headsets? Headphones are designed primarily for listening while headsets are designed for speaking on calls.


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