Congratulations! You've got a new smartphone! It's shiny and beautiful and scratch-free. Now how to protect it? With literally hundreds of options out there it's easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Let's go over some of the basic options together so you can choose the one that best serves you and your family and keeps your new mobile device safe, secure and looking like new.

Durable Cases

Durability is the hot trend in the world of smartphone cases. From accidental plunges in the toilet (hey, it happens) to slipped grips and toddler tantrums, your phone can be subjected to many hazards throughout its life. One of the best ways to keep it safe during the more tumultuous times is to reach for a LifeProof or OtterBox-branded case.

LifeProof® cases such as the FRĒ and the NǕǕD come with the Total Water Protection Program included, which means LifeProof will provide one-year protection against accidental water damage (splashes, spills, dunks and plunges).

Aside from this, LifeProof cases offer you the four "proofs" – WaterProof (fully submersible up to 6.6 feet for 1 hour), DirtProof (totally sealed from dirt, dust and sand), SnowProof (completely closed to snow and ice) and DropProof (endures drops of 4 feet).* That's a lot of proofs.

OtterBox® is another strong brand on the scene for rugged cases. The Defender and Commuter Series cases by OtterBox provide reliable protection for your mobile device even if bumps, drops and dust are a regular part of your daily life.

The outer layer of the Defender Series case absorbs impact from drops and bumps while the two-piece internal shell snaps around your phone. The foam pads add cushioning and the built-in screen protector even guards against scratches and smudges. 

The Commuter Series case features a high-impact polycarbonate outer casing that deflects bumps and shock while the interior slip cover cushions your device and absorbs impact - all within a slim, sleek profile. 

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Charging Cases

If you're a Galaxy® lover, the S-View Flip Cover is a great option and offers wireless charging for added convenience and ease of use. You can swipe between multiple screens and view important information without even opening the cover, and you can forget about the hassle of cords as the Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover works with Q-enabled charging pads. 

Shell Holsters

The Shell Holster Combo is just what it sounds like - a shell made of industrial-grade plastic to protect your device and a holster to provide a convenient place to clip it for quick and easy access. 

The belt clip pivots 180-degrees so you can adjust it to a comfortable position depending on where you're sitting and how you're moving, and the clip can be used with a purse strap, backpack or belt. The case has a rubberized texture on the outside to give an extra secure grip. 

A nice bonus is the foldout kickstand which makes viewing videos or reading messsages a little easier when your hands are tied. 


An alternative to your standard case, a pouch offres something a little different. 

It will keep your device safe and secure during transport, as you're carrying it around throughout the day, but you have to remove your device from the pouch in order to use it; whereas a case stays on at all times. 

Keeping a pouch on your phone before tossing it into a purse or bag will keep it safe from scratches, smudges and lint. 

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*LifeProof cases have a waterproof/snowproof/dirtproof rating of IP-68 and meet or exceed Military Standard 810F-526 (drop test).