The smartwatch market has become vast and competitive, but Fitbit's first foray into the space has resulted in a wearable that fits right in, and fits comfortably on your wrist as well. The Fitbit Ionic keeps you connected, optimizes your routine and pushes you beyond what you thought you - and a fitness tracker - were capable of.

According to CNET, the highly functional and easily programmable Ionic offers "features galore," "has an excellent phone app and social community" and a "better-than-most-smartwatches four-day battery life."

Today, we explore three reasons why the Fitbit Ionic is the perfect companion when embarking on or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1. Your personal performance pundit

The Ionic is more than a step-counter. With Fitbit Coach, you have actual on-screen, customized guidance right on your wrist. Step-by-step coaching and motivational reminders are just the beginning. Trusted Reviews elaborates by saying, "The workouts are great for those unable to get to a gym or out for a run... The routines are clearly explained with the display showing a real person going through the form and technique. Buzzes from the watch let you know when to move onto the next workout, and the screen displays your current heart rate and the time remaining."

Fortunately for you, it doesn't end there. Built-in GPS automatically tracks your activities and heart rate among others. And Tech Radar praises its automatic pause option, "which will notice when, for example, you’ve stopped to cross at some traffic lights and pause your workout, then restart when you begin exercising again."

2. From A to Zzz

In addition to exercise and a balanced diet, sleeping is just as important for your physical health. And the Ionic doesn't sleep on that fact. The aforementioned battery life allows for this smartwatch to stay active even when you turn in for the night. And Fitbit has made it easier to decipher the overnight data it collects, with simple-to-digest graphs and information that helps you compare your patterns with those in your same demographic.

"As a result," TR continues, "it’s far easier to determine the actual quality of your sleep, rather than simply looking at the duration. Even if you’re achieving eight hours of sleep a night, you might still find yourself waking up tired; a look at your sleep stages may reveal the reasoning for it."

3. Diving deeper

The Fitbit Ionic is the ultimate pool pal for serious and casual swimmers alike. Before the Ionic, it was difficult to measure the progress you've made in the water, but now you can keep track of distance, lengths and workout duration on the touchscreen display that's fully functional mid-stroke.

It was a splash with Wareable who stated that "in the pool, it's a solid performer. You won't have much reason to tinker with the screen as there are no additional metrics to review and up against the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR data there was only a difference of one length. (And) Inside the app you can also see calories burned and a break down of heart rate data."

The Fitbit Ionic also uses PurePulse heart rate tracking, SmartTrack to automatically record your exercises and multi-sport mode to track specific workouts with real-time stats. It has your heart in mind and the power to keep up, resulting in Wareable claiming that "it feels like the first 24/7 smartwatch. A corner has been turned."

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