New moms and dads can often find themselves juggling more responsibilities and challenges than they would ever have expected. Check out these 4 practical accessories that help keep them going.

1. Tile Mate

Mornings can get busy quick, and the last thing you need is a misplaced backpack slowing you down. Luckily, the Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker chip makes keeping track of your must-have objects a breeze. Just attach it to your object of choice and sync it with the Tile app. "Tile is affordable and...easy to use - just attach it to whatever you tend to lose," notes Wired. Attach it to your child's lunchbox or bike for a worry-free way to keep track of things while you're away.

2. mophie powerstation plus 12000 with Switch-Tip Cable

Make the most of your day at the park. Whether you're taking family photos or playing music around the picnic table, it always pays to bring some extra power. Keep your devices charged up with the mophie powerstation plus 12000, a slim and portable battery that easily slips into jacket pockets or stroller storage pouches. It's compatible with both Apple and Android devices, so there's no need to carry around multiple cables. 

3. Google Home

Get assistance around the house without ever needing to lift a finger. The Google Home is perfect for managing everyday tasks, such as turning off lights and adjusting the temperature in your baby's room.* Liven things up by searching for new twists to your kid's favorite dishes. Say, "Hey Google, pull up a recipe for lasagna," or "Hey Google, find Italian restaurants near me." Then get everyone around the dinner table in a flash with a quick broadcasted message. Just use a quick command to project it across every Google Home device in your home.

4. Verizon Hum+ Gen 2

Whether you're taking a family road trip or driving to the grocery store, the Hum+ Gen 2 helps keep you safe and in control. Prepare for the unexpected with an easy-to-use app for viewing your vehicle's health and detecting issues before they become a problem. Check your vehicle's average speed and monitor your engine's temperature. And should you ever get into a accident, the Hum+ Gen 2 can automatically detect the crash, notify emergency responders and send help to your current location.

The Hum is about more than just safety and peace of mind. Keep the kids entertained in the backseat with fun music, games and movies from their connected devices. The Hum+ Gen 2 supports up to 10 devices via WiFi hotspot, so you'll always have a way to access the Internet from your smartphone, tablet and other compatible wireless accessories.

Tech for the entire family

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*Compostible thermostat not included.

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