How to travel light and stay connected by plane, train or car.

Whether jet-setting on vacation, taking the subway to work or hitting the highway for a cross-country road trip, staying connected to friends, family and work can be tough. It's tempting to think connectivity and a full battery charge go wherever we go, but that's not always the case.

Luckily, many new mobile accessories make it easier than ever to stay connected. Not only do these tools pair seamlessly with your smartphone, they can fit right into a pocket, carry-on bag or purse. For travelers who need to stay on the grid while they're on the move, look no further than these seven smart tools.

Hum+ by Verizon, HumX by Verizon

Because the road is unpredictable

The Hum+ by Verizon is a tracking and diagnostics system that, once installed and wirelessly linked to your smartphone, provides remarkable peace of mind. The included speaker clips to a sun visor, and after connecting to the bundled reader via bluetooth, a driver can be alerted of potential vehicle health issues before they become real problems. The device can also contact a trained agent for 24/7 roadside assistance, track one's vehicle in the event of theft and even alert emergency responders if the car is involved in a crash.

In addition to all the features of the Hum+, HumX by Verizon includes a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. As many as 10 devices can connect at once, ensuring everyone can stream, surf and game as they please.

Samsung Fast Charge Portable Battery

A super-compact power source

Just like you never know how long the security line will be, you never know if a plug will be free at your airport gate. That's why there's the Samsung Fast Charge Portable Battery. Compact and powerful, it can juice up Samsung and non-Samsung devices alike with a Micro USB cable and an included Micro USB to USB Type-C adapter. It's also compatible with Samsung Fast Charge technology, which guarantees an ultra-quick charge. And while the price point is higher than most, "you get Samsung's high-quality build," which for many shoppers can be the x-factor, writes. Plus, the battery can power up even as it's charging other devices - a huge time-saver.

Mophie powerstation 10000 USB-C

A lifeline for your smartphone

When an outlet isn't available on the train or airplane - or more likely, it's there but doesn't work - there are other alternative power sources. The mophie powerstation 1000 USB-C can power up to two devices simultaneously, and not blow its entire charge while doing it. "The Powerstation USB-C has a 10,000mAh cell inside, letting it charge most phones three times over with juice left to spare," notes A smartphone suddenly has up to 48 hours of extra battery life, and the powerstation's extra port is ready to charge whatever else needs juicing up. But don't worry about it filling up precious space in a bag, either - the powerstation is light and small enough to fit into a coat pocket.

Lightning Car Charger by Verizon

Jumpstarting your Apple device

Verizon's Lightning Car Charger rapidly tops up Apple phones and tablets while you're moving down the road. With 9 feet of coiled cable, it can reach way back or far forward while keeping your car's console area free of clutter. Within minutes, you're back online chatting with the boss or humming along to your favorite tunes, eyes planted squarely on the road ahead.

Micro USB Car Charger with LED by Verizon

The enlightened way to power up

No more fumbling in a dark car looking for your Android phone's charge port. USB cables can get lost easily in the dark, but Verizon's Micro USB Car Charger with LED is equipped with a tiny push-button LED that makes a massive difference for motorists. And like the Lightning Car Charger, a 9-foot cable allows even backseat - or even third-row - passengers to power up conveniently and safely. A separate cable can be purchased to charge two devices at once, keeping everyone's device humming on a long haul.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker

Hands-free communication

For drivers looking for easy, hassle-free calling, the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker fits the bill. The device pairs over bluetooth with a smartphone to send and receive calls and texts. It can also stream music from your smartphone through the car's speakers or its own virtual surround speakers, which provide clear sound at safe decibels. "Not only were they the loudest speakers in our tests, but the Freeway's call quality was also the clear winner on both ends of the line," writes That's especially good news for drivers who'd otherwise strain to hear urgent calls from colleagues and clients.

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