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4 ways the Parrot Mambo Mini Drone hits its mark

A deep features list and a surprisingly low price point set this flyer apart.


Drones are like high-tech kites. They can be coded to avoid obstacles, jockey between posts, perform a range of acrobatics and instantly speed up or slow down.

At the lower end of the drone price scale is the Parrot Mambo Mini Drone, which comes in under $120. Reviewers praise its easy-to-use features, steadiness in the air, durability and ability to flip over and perform a range of stunts. It can be equipped with a cannon and grabber to shoot small plastic BBs at a target and pick up lightweight objects. If that weren’t enough, it can also capture still photos.


If your family is considering a drone purchase, here are 4 reasons why the Mambo Mini Drone should be on your list:

1. Easy piloting: Undoubtedly the most important element of drone operation is its in-flight behavior, and TrustedReviews says that the Mambo's gyroscope, accelerometers and ultrasound sensor come together to provide a super-stable flight. "You can fly effortlessly indoors and outdoors," adds.

The Mambo can be controlled by a smartphone using the free app or via the sold-separately Parrot Flypad controller, with its physical control sticks. And parents will be relieved to know that the Parrot Mambo is "durable enough to take a beating from a first-time flyer,” according to

2. Breezy setup: To get the Mambo Mini ready for takeoff, simply open the box, pull out the device, pop in the rechargeable battery and charge via the USB port on its back. Then, it’s just a matter of pairing the device with the smartphone app or Flypad controller via Bluetooth. “It’s actually pretty fast,” reports. “The whole process takes about 1-2 minutes.”

3. Feature-richness: At 2.2 oz., the Mambo drone is small and ultra-lightweight, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying. That said, it shouldn’t be cross-shopped against high-tag models, especially those within the Parrot product line. “This being an entry-level mini drone, don’t expect most of the bells and whistles of more expensive drones like Parrot’s Bebop range,” TrustedReviews says.

4. Fun accessories: The Parrot Mambo doesn't just fly, flip and snap pictures. Users can attach the a mini-cannon and grabber, turning the experience into a skills-building competitive event. “The most talented pilots will be able to reach the bull’s-eye of a target while flying, or pass a card to another Mambo without a glitch,” writes may sum up Parrot’s achievement best: “Here we are with a drone that takes off from your desk, holds its position while you try and work out the controls, then floats off to your target and shoots them with a BB gun — all in less than a minute from turning it on. What a time to be alive.”


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