Phone plans for families

You may not agree on what to watch for movie night, but you and your family can all agree that a family mobile plan should be simple and easy. From adding a line to making adjustments, here’s what you need to know about the Verizon Unlimited data plans available with myPlan, and all the perks you can add on when you sign up. 

Make the switch to a family plan.

If you’re at the stage of switching from a single-line plan to a family plan, start by signing in to your account or using the My Verizon app. In both instances, you’ll be able to browse plans before picking the one that’s best for you and your family.  

Add a line to your family mobile plan.

There are different Unlimited data family plan options available with Verizon’s new myPlan offer, and account owners can add family members to the same account when signing up a new line. Increasing the number of lines takes just a few clicks. 

  • If you need a device: Sign in to your account to purchase a device and add a line to your existing account. 

  • If you have an eligible device: Log in to your account to add a line (find more FAQs here).

  • If you have a Prepaid Family Account: Designate an account owner line and choose to merge the other lines with the main account through the My Verizon app or online.

Customize your plan for individual family members.

Our myPlan unlimited family mobile plans are highly adaptable and let you select options based on your wants and needs. At Verizon, we know that different people in your family have different needs. That's why we have created plans that help you get different features and perks to suit your wants, all with the network performance you need. No matter which plan you choose, tailoring it to your family is simple. To start, compare Verizon's Unlimited options to understand what works best for you and your loved ones. 

Remove a phone line.

With a family plan, transferring a line from your account to one managed by someone else is simple. Log into your account to transfer service to a separate billing account. 

Use a prepaid family plan.

When you use a family prepaid account, each line (up to 10) will have its own account and data allowance; there’s no sharing between lines. The main account owner pays for all accounts at the same time, so there’s only one renewal date to remember. Account owners can remove lines by logging on to My Verizon.

Know your family mobile plan options.

Customizing your Unlimited phone plan to meet your goals and finding devices that truly meet your family’s needs is simple. As your family dynamics change, explore Verizon’s new Unlimited plans and see your options. And, it's easy for any of you to trade in your devices when you're ready for something new.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a Verizon prepaid account you can pay ahead for your service and get a phone plan without an annual contract.

With Verizon prepaid, you pay ahead for the service you want each month. There's no credit check, no deposit, no annual contract.

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