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Verizon Deals at Work Save up to $10/mo
on home internet.

Use your employee discount to save up to $10/mo on service that
delivers the speed you need.

Cut the cable.
Switch to Verizon Home Internet.

We offer three primary internet products, Fios Home Internet, 5G Home Internet and LTE Home Internet.

Fast, reliable home

So you can binge, game and work
at the speed you need.

No hidden fees or
equipment charges.

So your bill will be what you expect,
nothing more.

The price is the price,

So you don't need to worry about
unexpected price hikes.

Have questions about Verizon’s Deals
at Work program? We’ve got answers.

What is the Verizon Deals at Work program?

The Verizon Deals at Work program, formerly called Verizon Connections, provides a discount on Verizon Home Internet service for employees of participating businesses. The program is open to new or existing Verizon customers, who are employed by a participating Verizon partner. Existing customers must have a Fios, 5G Home or LTE Home internet plan to qualify for the discount.

How do I know if I'm eligible for the Deals at Work program?

You're eligible for the Verizon Deals at Work program if you can verify your employment with one of the participating partner companies. You can also check with your employer to see if they participate.

How do I receive the Deals at Work discount?

How you receive the Verizon Deals at Work discount depends on your customer status. If you're a new Verizon customer, you must first enter the address where you want the service. Once you select continue, you are directed to our Verizon's order site to view service options and order new services. The Verizon Deals at Work discount will be shown on the selection page and detailed in the cart at the end of the order process.

Existing Verizon internet customers can sign in to their account here or by first entering their work email address and clicking on "I don't have a work email address" and following prompts to verify employment. Next, you'll get an email with a link from Verizon Deals at Work. Once signed in, Verizon will check your current services to see if you qualify for the discount. If your service qualifies, it will be added to your bill. If you don't have the qualifying services, we'll show you the services you need to add in order to qualify for the discount. If you're an existing Verizon Internet customer, your User ID and password are the same as what you use for your Verizon Internet account.

What are the Verizon Deals at Work discounts?

The discount for the Deals at Work program can be up to $10 off per month, depending on the Verizon home internet plan you select. Verizon has multiple types of plans that vary based on two factors: how the technology is delivered to your home and where you live. For example, Fios Home Internet is widely available in metro and suburban areas of New England and the Mid-Atlantic. 5G Home Internet is now in more and more cities around the country. And since LTE Home Internet uses the wireless 4G LTE network to deliver home broadband internet service, this option is available in most parts of the country where Fios and 5G Home Internet are not. Check eligibility here to see which Verizon Home Internet services are available where you live.

Are there Deals at Work discounts available for existing Verizon customers?

Yes, new and existing home internet customers may qualify as long as you first verify your employment with a participating Verizon partner.

How long will I continue to receive my Deals at Work discount?

You will continue to receive these perks at work as long as you remain an employee of your current company. Additionally, your employer must continue to participate in the Verizon Deals at Work program to continue qualifying for the discount. You may be asked to verify your employment on a periodic basis.

Can I get Deals at Work home internet discounts if I'm a Verizon mobile customer?

If you're eligible for the Deals at Work discount through your employer, existing mobile customers may also qualify for Verizon's Mobile + Home internet discounts. However, certain restrictions may apply with Verizon discount program and may not be combinable with other programs. If you’re choosing to swap discounts—for example, from the Deals at Work discount to the Mobile + Home discount—you may be prompted to either keep the Deals at Work discount or choose the other one you have.

When I try to log into the Verizon Deals at Work website, I receive a message that my information has expired. What should I do?

If the Deals at Work website indicates that your login has expired, simply refresh or return to the Verizon Deals at Work website and re-enter your information. A new link will be sent to you.

How can I check if my account is currently enrolled in the Verizon Deals at Work discount program?

The best way to check your enrollment in the Deals at Work program is to check your most recent bill. You can do this by opening the My Verizon app and looking for the Verizon Deals at Work discount line item. However, please note that it takes one to two billing cycles after enrollment for the discount to appear.

Are there other discount programs with Verizon that may be more applicable to me?

Verizon has discounts available for a number of affiliations, including first responders, military members, veterans, nurses, teachers and students. Please note, these discounts cannot be combined with the Deals at Work discount.