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Discounts that put
first responders first.

Save on mobile or home internet plans.
Bundle both to save more.

Check your discount eligibility to get started.

Mobile with myPlan starting at just

With 4 lines on Unlimited Welcome. With Auto Pay and paper-free billing. Plus taxes & fees. For personal lines only.

Fios Home Internet starting at just

With Fios 300 Mbps and Auto Pay. Plus, mobile customers can get up to an extra 50% off with the Mobile + Home Discount.

It’s easy to get
or renew


Confirm your discount eligibility. Check eligibility above for the service you want to get started.


Once verified, you can shop plans. If renewing, sign in to your account first. Your discount will be applied when you complete your order.

You can combine your first-responder discount with
other offers.
Your discount won’t show up in your
cart, but you’ll see it
in the final step of
your order and on your bill in 1-2 billing cycles.

Have questions?
We’ve got answers.

Do you offer Verizon first responder discounts of any kind?

Yes, Verizon offers a variety of discounted first responder plans. Check above to see our latest promotions, or log in to see if you can bundle services and combine your savings with other promotional offers.

Who is eligible for the first responder discount?

At Verizon, we value first responders for their contribution to the safety and security of our communities. That's why we offer special discounts for active and retired firefighters, police, and EMS workers, including volunteers, as well as immediate family members of those fallen in the line of duty. We also offer distinct discount programs for nurses via our Nurses Discount Program and military members via our Military Discount Program.

What documents will I need if I'm a firefighter, EMS worker, police officer, volunteer, retiree or family member of someone fallen in the line of duty?

You may need to provide verification documents such as pay stubs, disability paperwork, retiree or pension statements, an employee ID, or a signed affidavit issued by a first responder's agency listing KIA status.

Am I still eligible for the Verizon first responder discount if my first responder status changes?

If your first responder status changes, your discount should continue for the remainder of the year without you having to take any action. After that you would need to see if you still qualify. Even if your status remains the same, you may be prompted to re-verify your status periodically, but you don’t need to make any changes until requested.

Which network has the best deals for first responders and their families?

We at Verizon recognize the critical role public-safety first responders play in emergencies and crises. That's why, in gratitude, we offer first responders and their families unique discounts and deals.

Can I get the first responder discount if I'm already a Verizon customer?

Yes, existing customers can register their account at any time. Check your eligibility above. If you're shopping online, your discount won't appear initially in your online shopping cart but will appear in the final step of your order. You should then receive an email confirmation about your discount and see it reflected on your bill 1-2 billing cycles after verification.

Is the first responder discount available for Fios Home Internet plans?

Yes. At Verizon, first responders receive special savings on Fios Home Internet. Check above to see our latest promotion.

How do I renew my first responder discount at Verizon?

Discount reverification is only requested periodically. If requested, you can renew via the same verification process you followed when you first enrolled.