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How to register for discounts: First responder, military, nurse, teacher, student, employee

You may be able to get discounts on certain Verizon Wireless plans, features and accessories if you're:

  • A first responder (state or local, active, volunteer, retired or killed in action [KIA] next of kin [spouse/children of household])
  • A military member, veteran, cadet or Gold Star family member.
  • A nurse (LPN, LVN, NP or RN) or respiratory therapist
  • A teacher (currently employed)
  • A student actively enrolled (including online enrollment) in a U.S. secondary educational institution of higher learning, including undergraduate, graduate, and/or vocational school or institution.
  • An employee of, or affiliated with a company or organization that has a wireless service agreement with us.
    • Note: Retiree eligibility depends on your company's agreement with us. Check with your company or contact us to find out.

This program doesn't include senior or student discounts, but you can check our shopping and deals page for other opportunities.

Visit these FAQs to see which plans are eligible for your discount type and view discount details:

Step 1. Validate your status and register for your discount

Follow these steps to validate your status and sign up for your discount:

Discount Type Steps
Military & Veterans

Verizon is partnered with Veterans Advantage for fast service verification using MilVetID:

  1. Go to Military Discounts & Career Programs.
  2. Scroll down to Verify your eligibility or check on the status of your military discount and click to start the MilVet ID verification process using your Veterans Advantage credentials. If you're not signed up for Veterans Advantage, you're taken through a short registration process.
  3. Once validated, you're automatically sent to the Discounts by Verizon Wireless page. Choose Already with Verizon or New to Verizon and follow the prompts to sign up for your discount.

Note: MilVetID works with all web browsers except Internet Explorer.

Corporate Employees

Visit our Discounts by Verizon wireless page. Click the choice that applies to you: Already have a Verizon Wireless account? or Not yet a Verizon wireless customer?

Existing customers:

  1. Enter your phone number and follow the prompts to validate with your work email address (personal email addresses ([e.g., gmail, hotmail] aren’t accepted).
  2. Check your work email address for a confirmation email from customerserviceb2b@verizonwireless.com with the subject "Discounts by Verizon Wireless"
  3. Click the Confirm My Discount link in the email within 72 hours. If the link expires, start again and resubmit.

    Note: If you have more than 1 Verizon Wireless account in your name, you may get a prompt asking which account should get the discount. Choose the account you want.

New to Verizon: Enter your work email under Sign Up and follow the prompts.

First Responders, Nurses & Teachers

Verizon is partnered with ID.me for fast verification:

  1. Visit the page applicable to you, scroll to Enroll to get your discount and choose Learn more:
    1. Go to our First Responders page
    2. Go to our Teachers page
    3. Go to our Nurses page
  2. Scroll down and click Verify your eligibility to start the ID.me verification process using your ID.me credentials. (If you're not yet signed up for ID.me, you're taken through a short registration process.)
  3. Once verified, you're automatically sent to the Discounts by Verizon Wireless page. Choose Existing Customers or New to Verizon and follow the prompts to sign up for your discount.

Verizon is partnered with Unidays for fast verification:

  1. Go to our Students Discounts page.
  2. Select Get started in the Get your discount in 3 easy steps section
  3. Sign in to the Unidays website to verify that you are an active student. If you already have a Unidays account, choose Log in. If you are new to Unidays, tap Join now.
    • If creating a new Unidays account you will be asked to Verify using your school’s connected portal (if available) or your school’s assigned email address.
  4. If you're already with Verizon, tap Already with Verizon to sign in to My Verizon and complete the form for the Student Unlimited Plan discount. The discount will be added once you’ve submitted the form.

    If you are a new Verizon customer, tap New to Verizon? To shop for a new device and plan. The discount will be added when you activate your new device.


  • You only need to register once to validate discount eligibility for your entire account.
  • You can only use 1 type of discount (e.g., either an employee or military discount, not both)
  • We can't contact your employer or organization to verify your employment or affiliation. You need to validate with us to be eligible for a discount.
  • For first responders KIA next of kin (immediate family members: spouse/children of household) – signed affidavit issued by First Responder Agency listing KIA status is required.
  • Military personnel, veterans and first responders can also sign up in a Verizon retail store.
  • Teachers - Depending on the state in which you teach, you may need to provide a teaching certificate. We’ll let you know during registration.

Step 2. Validate with documents if needed

When you're registering on our Discounts by Verizon Wireless page and your work email doesn't validate your employment or affiliation, we ask you to upload 1 validating document.

The information you provide is only used to validate your employment or affiliation status. We value your privacy and don't use the information in any way other than the stated purpose.

Discount Type Validating Document
Employees A recent pay stub* or a legible copy of other proof of your employment or affiliation with an organization that has an agreement with Verizon Wireless.
First responders Pay stub*, pension stub (if retired), volunteer ID, statement of volunteer service. For first responders KIA next of kin (immediate family members: spouse/children of household) a signed affidavit issued by First Responder Agency listing KIA status is required.
Active military Pay stub*, DD form 4, SCRA status report
Military veterans DD form 214, Veteran ID card, military retiree accounts statement, VetRewards Card from Veterans Advantage
Gold Star family members

DD form 214: Black out everything other than name, department and Terms of Separation.

Terms of Separation must read "Deceased."

Nurses / Respiratory therapists National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, pay stub*
Teachers Pay stub.* Note: Certain states may require that you provide a teaching certificate. If it’s needed we’ll let you know during validation.


Important document requirements:

  • The proof of employment or affiliation can't be more than 60 days old.
  • Black out sensitive personal information (e.g., salary, tax amounts, banking information, Social Security Number, Employee ID Number)
  • You can use your device's camera to take a picture of your proof of employment or affiliation to upload. Your document image file must be one of these formats and less than 5 MB: GIF, JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG, TIF.
  • Your name, company or organization name and date must be legible on the image you upload.

Have questions about registering? Go to Troubleshooting validation.

*If your employer doesn't give a physical paystub you can upload an electronic direct deposit slip.

Step 3. Check your discount registration status

To track your registration status after you register, go to Check My Submission Status and enter your mobile number and billing ZIP Code. Or enter the tracking number we provided when you registered.

Keep in mind:

  • When you submit a pay stub or other proof of employment to validate your discount eligibility, it can take up to 10 days to review and process your submission.

    After your employment status is confirmed, it can take up to 2 bill cycles for any discount updates to appear on your monthly bill.

Step 4. View your discount

If you got a notice from us that your submission was validated, you can view your discount in My Verizon online or in the My Verizon app.

My Verizon online - From the main menu either:

  • Choose Discounts from the dropdown (if available).
  • Choose Plan from the dropdown. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Promotions and discounts to view any discounts.

My Verizon app:

  1. From the main menu, choose Bill.
  2. Under Current Bill, scroll down to select a line's Account Charges.
  3. Click the + sign to open the details. Discount information appears here.

Note: Your discount appears on your monthly bill statement when applied for more than 1 bill cycle.

Have questions? Go to Troubleshooting discounts

Step 5. Renew your discount when requested

Your discount eligibility is tied to your employment or affiliation status. After you register for your discount, we ask you to re-validate your employment or affiliation about once a year:

  • When you receive a notice to re-validate your employment or affiliation, respond within 30 days.
  • If you don't respond, your discount may be removed. If the discount is removed, validate your employment so we can re-apply your discount.
  • After we process your renewal, you get the discount currently available through your organization's agreement with Verizon Wireless.

What to do when your employment or affiliation changes

If your employment or affiliation changes, you may still be eligible for a discount. Complete the validation process to see if you can get a discount through your new employer or group.

What to do when you're no longer eligible for a discount

If you re-validate and we find you're no longer eligible for a discount through your organization:

  • The discount is automatically removed from your account.
  • You won't be retroactively charged the difference between the full price and discounted price of service.
  • We have many plans for your usage and budget needs. Explore options on our Plans page.

Troubleshoot registration

What to do if during registration:

  1. You were told to check your email for confirmation, but you didn't get the confirmation email:
    • Check your spam folder.
    • Check your email application's antivirus settings.
    • Check with your IT administrator about your network's firewall settings.
    • You can also re-enter your work email address on our Discounts by Verizon Wireless program page.
  2. You get a message asking if you want to submit a "manual review request:"
    • If you get this message during registration, the email address you submitted may have already been used for a discount request for another account. Only 1 account can be validated per work email address.
    • If you say yes to a manual review request, we'll look at your history and determine if your work email address is eligible for validating your employment for the new account you submitted.

Troubleshoot validation

If after you registered for your discount:

  1. You lost the notification we sent that confirmed your employment or affiliation was validated and gave a tracking number - You can still check your status online. Go to Check My Submission Status and enter your mobile number and billing ZIP code.
  2. You're notified that your employment or affiliation wasn't validated - The notification you received has instructions specific to your submission. Follow the instructions and resubmit your validation submission if needed.

Still having trouble? Contact our Employment Validation Customer Service Center by chat, email or phone.

Troubleshoot discounts

If you check your discount online or on your bill and the amount seems wrong, keep in mind:

  • The discount you get depends on what eligible phone plan you have.
  • Plan discounts apply only to the account access fees.
  • Prepaid, other unlimited, already discounted, data-only and promotional plans aren't eligible for discounts through this program.
  • You can try resubmitting your discount request through our Discounts by Verizon Wireless registration page using your work email address.

If you've received confirmation that your submission was validated but you don't get a discount:

  • Keep in mind it can take up to 2 bill cycles for any discount updates to appear on your monthly bill.
  • You may be on a plan that's not eligible for a discount. When you change to an eligible plan, you're automatically set up to receive a discount and can register again.