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Verizon Free Trial.
30 days free. One tap away.

Try our network when it matters most. No charges. No commitments. Use the QR code to get started with the My Verizon app.

Experience Verizon’s award-winning performance.

Access unlimited Verizon 5G data, talk and text.

Keep your number and existing carrier during your trial.

No costs, catches or credit card required.

Starting your
Free Trial is easy.

All you need is your own phone. Just make sure it’s unlocked, eSIM-capable, and
compatible with our 5G network.

Step 1

Download the My Verizon App.
Use the QR code above.

Step 2

Click “Start Free Trial” in the app.
If you’re eligible for the trial, quickly
set up your account.

Step 3

See the difference for yourself.
Test out the Verizon network for
free for up to 30 days.

When you join, you can get
exactly what you want.

Switch now or at any time during or after the trial to take advantage of everything Verizon has to offer.

Enjoy the freshest tech with our free smartphone offers, including opportunities to get the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel on us. Plus get $200 for each line you switch.

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Now you can have everything you want, on the network you really want. Just choose your unlimited, pick your perks, and save on every one.

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Stay in touch when it counts with the network named Most Awarded for Network Quality by J.D. Power, 32 times in a row.1

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Have questions on
Verizon’s Free Trial?

We've got answers.

What is Verizon's Free Trial?

Verizon Free Trial lets you try Verizon for free for 30 days. That means you can talk, text and access gigs of data on Verizon's network with no commitments during the trial. It's truly free, with no costs, no catches and no credit card required. You just get to test what makes Verizon great and decide. During the trial you can keep your existing service and current phone number, so you don’t miss any calls.

Why should I try Verizon?

With Verizon Free Trial, you'll test drive our fast, award-winning network free for 30 days. The free trial lets you experience what it's like to use Verizon to do more of what you love, like game on the go, upload posts easily in large crowds, stream and video chat, all without signing a contract.

Who can access the Free Trial program?

Maybe you're finding that your current carrier can't quite keep up with your day-to-day demands—whether that means taking calls on the road or connecting to a hotspot for work. The good news is that you don't have to settle. Free Trial is for anyone who's curious about switching to Verizon and wants to experience our award-winning performance without signing a contract. Now you can.

What do I need to start a Free Trial with Verizon?

To start your Free Trial, all you need is your own compatible eSIM phone. If you want to try our 5G network, your phone has to be unlocked, as well as be a 5G capable device, like the newest iPhone, Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy models. You can easily check to see if your phone meets this criteria. If it does, you're good to start the trial. If your phone isn't 5G compatible, you can still access the free trial of our LTE network.

If you decide to switch, you can still keep your own phone when you do. Or, since you're joining, you might want to upgrade to a newer device as well. Check out our best deals on the latest and greatest technology.

How does Verizon's free trial actually work?

Depending on your phone, you can have more than one wireless provider active at a time, but you'll need an eSIM to do so. Many phones are enabled with eSIM—a virtual SIM card that stores information about your subscription with a mobile service provider like Verizon. Having an eSIM lets you activate your phone on the Verizon network for Free Trial, so you can switch to our mobile network while keeping your current phone. You can check if your phone is eSIM-enabled by looking in your phone settings or consulting the manufacturer's website.

If I start a free trial, do I have to sign a contract?

Free Trial is really 100% free. Remember, you'll be using your own phone, and no credit card is required to get started. After 30 days, you can go back to your previous network, but we have a feeling you’ll want to stay.

To sign up for Verizon Free Trial, go to your app store and download the My Verizon app. (If you're using an iPhone, you'll also need to turn on your iCloud drive in your settings). Next, open the My Verizon app and click Start Free Trial to sign up for Verizon Free Trial. If your phone isn't eligible for Free Trial, you’ll be notified during the sign up process.

If you want to stick with your current carrier, your Free Trial will end automatically. But if you find you love the performance of the Verizon network, you don’t have to wait 30 days to switch. You can switch at any time during your Free Trial by quickly and easily transferring your existing number to Verizon and picking from one of our plans. That's a total win.