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How to set up Verizon Cloud on your computer

(Video Length- 3:02 )

Watch this video to learn how to download the Verizon Cloud Desktop software, install, sign in and start backing up your files.

verizon-cloud-desktop-video: Video Transcript

*The first 30 days are free. After that, you will be charged the monthly fee until you cancel your subscription with the Verizon Cloud app or My Verizon.
**Verizon Cloud does not back up operating systems, settings, apps, emails, external drives and uncommon file types. Max 10 GB upload file size. 50 GB daily upload limit per user on desktop app after initial backup completes; if user exceeds 500 GB in a month, daily limit is 10 GB for rest of month.
***Only selected folders will be automatically backed up to the Cloud. Any changes to files or folders outside of what the user selected during the set up will not be backed up.