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Verizon Up

Earn rewards just for keeping your Verizon account in good standing. Plus get extras, perks and discounts. It’s fast, easy and free to join in the My Verizon app.


Verizon Up Rewards FAQs

Get answers to questions about the Verizon Up rewards program. Find out how to enroll, claim a Monthly or Bonus Reward and stay up-to-date on all the perks.

Video: Understanding Verizon Up for Verizon Visa Card holders
(length: 2:07)

Verizon Up is our way of saying thanks with rewards you really, really want. Watch this video to learn how Verizon Visa Card holders can get the most out of Verizon Up.
Length: 2:07

Video: Understanding Verizon Up
(length: 2:07)

Learn about Verizon Up and get rewards every month just for being a Verizon customer. Enroll and claim rewards for gift cards, Device Dollars and Super Tickets.
Length: 2:07

Video: Using Verizon Up
(length: 1:49)

Use the My Verizon App to claim Verizon Up rewards. Choose from Monthly Rewards or Bonus Rewards that are available at any time. Keep checking for new offers!
Length: 1:49