How to make changes to your family's mobile plan

Family dynamics change, and so too can your family mobile plan needs. With Verizon, updating your phone data and lines is simple: just start at My Verizon online or with the My Verizon app and follow this guide for a seamless switch to whatever you need.

Check which kind of mobile plan your family has.

Verizon has 2 types of family mobile plans, and the one you have can influence the changes you make. Here’s an overview.

  • Mix-and-match Unlimited plans are exactly that — a selection of no-limit data plans that each individual on a family plan can choose to suit their phone needs. To enroll, all lines on the account must have an Unlimited plan, but the exact plan offering does not have to be the same.
  • Verizon Shared data plans have a set amount of monthly data that all lines on the account use. Exceeding the allowance may result in overage charges.

Family prepaid plans are also available. You simply pay ahead for unlimited monthly talk and text within the US. The benefits? Prepaid plans come with unlimited text to 200 international destinations and a mobile hotspot. Plus, there’s no credit check, no deposit and no long-term contract. 

Add a line

6 common changes to family mobile plans.

While your family dynamics are unique, a lot of the changes you might make to your family mobile plan are pretty typical. These 6 scenarios and their solutions can all be completed online.

1. You need to add a line.

Going from 3 lines to a 5-line family plan? It’s easy: Verizon lets you have up to 10 phone lines on any plan. To add a line, log on to My Verizon, hover over “Plan” in the menu bar, then select “Get a new device” or “Bring your own device.” Or on the app, choose “Devices” from the menu and “Add a line” will appear at the top of the page. Then just follow the prompts.

Remember: adding a new line affects data use. If you share data, the new line joins in the monthly data allotment. (Shared data plans also incur a $20 monthly access fee per smartphone.) If you’re already on Unlimited, you’ll be guided to select a plan specifically for your new line. (Unlimited plans’ costs per phone may decrease with each additional line. The cost for lines 5 through 10 is the same.) Unlimited plans can also qualify for a $10/line discount with AutoPay (via debit or check) and paper-free billing.

2. You need to remove someone from your family’s plan.

You can easily suspend a line on your My Verizon account: choose “Suspend or reconnect” under “Devices” and select the appropriate phone. (On the app: Menu > “Devices” > “Manage device” for desired line > “Controls” > “Suspend device.”) This is a good option if an Account Member doesn’t need their phone for an extended period — a military deployment, for instance — but you want to keep the line available, free of fees. 

If you need to permanently remove a line, call 1-800-922-0204.

3. You have a new tablet, watch or other connected device.

You can have up to 20 connected devices on your family plan account. Adding a connected device is just like adding a phone: on My Verizon, select “Plan”, “Get a new device” or “Bring your own device,” or select “Devices” on the My Verizon app menu.

There are 3 ways to accommodate these device data needs:

  1. If you have a Get More or Do More Unlimited plan on your account, congrats! You qualify for 50% off a tablet or Jetpack plan. 
  2. If you’re on a mix-and-match Unlimited plan, you can choose from 2 data packages: Unlimited or 1 GB. 
  3. On a Shared data plan, your new device will share the monthly quota.
Manage data usage

4. You went over your data usage…again.

First, review your data history. To do this in My Verizon online, click “Data analysis” under “Data.” The “Data” tab will detail how much you have exceeded your data package over the last 3 billing cycles. If the chart trends upwards, consider these 4 options: 

  1. Turn on Safety Mode, which slows data speeds after you’ve maxed your allowance and alleviates overage charges. 
  2. Add a Data Boost for $15 per 1 GB. 
  3. Bump to the Verizon Shared data plan that covers the amount of data you’ve been using regularly.
  4. Switch to an Unlimited data plan

To change your current plan, sign into My Verizon, hover over “Plan,” click “Manage plan” and then “Explore plans.” On the app, select “Account” from the menu and then “My plan.”

5. You’re not regularly maxing your data package.

You have the option to change to a smaller plan, too. Check your data history, and if you’ve consistently landed well below your data limit, consider swapping to a family mobile plan with less data. 

For those on an Unlimited plan, monitoring monthly data usage can be a smart move. If you’re consistently using less than 8 GB each month, you might consider switching to a Shared data plan.

6. Your kids got their first phones.

Verizon offers a Just Kids plan that allows for close parental control and monitoring. To enroll, select the Just Kids plan option as you’re adding a new device to your account. Verizon Smart Family, an app that includes location tracking and content filters, is included in the plan.

Save on your family mobile plan with Verizon.

Whenever your family mobile plans change, Verizon can help. Explore My Verizon online or on the app to see other family plan updates you can make with just the touch of a button.

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