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Unlock all of the features Verizon Smart Family Premium™ has to offer when you download these apps.

My Verizon

First, you'll need a My Verizon account. If you don't have one yet, just set one up on or in the My Verizon app.

Verizon Smart Family app

Next, you'll need the Verizon Smart Family app. Just download the app onto the phone that you've designated as the Smart Family Parent.

Smart Family companion app

Lastly, you'll need to download and pair the Smart Family companion app onto your kids device in order to precisely track their location.

Got Just Kids? Quick set-up guide.

Phone activation &
Download the apps.

Activate parent then the kids phone.

The parents device helps manages the child phone. And remember, Smart Family is an account level feature, so you can manage any line on your account!

- Activate the parents line first
- Activate the kids line second

There are three apps to download.

Set up My Verizon app first and then Smart Family. You can use the same username & password for both. Don’t forget the Smart Family companion app on your child’s device. Pair your device with your child's. This enhances parental controls.

- See the app download instructions above

Set up Trusted

Critical first step in the Smart Family app.

People on the account are automatically added! Add more, remove or change contacts at anytime. You have up to 20!

- Tap contacts
- Tap trusted contacts
- Tap trusted numbers
- Enter number, hit save and repeat

Set up Content

Filter content by category
and more.

The Smart Family companion app must be paired with the parent line to work effectively. Once you pair devices, follow the set-up tips below.

- Tap content filters
- Select category
- Switch on/off
- Hit save

Locate your child and
set up alerts.

Locate your child and set
up alerts.

Smart Family allows the parent line to track location, set up location alerts and check-ins. To see location, simply select the line. (Hint: Pairing helps give more accurate location tracking). To set location arrival & departures alerts:

- Select the child you want alerts for
- Scroll to manage controls
- Select location
- Tap places & alerts
- Add a place (you can also remove later on)
- Enter name and place you want an alert for
- Tap arrival and/or departure switch
- Hit save

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