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Device Locking FAQs

General Information

  1. What is the difference between having a locked device and an unlocked device?

    A locked device is one that will only work with a Verizon SIM on Verizon's network. An unlocked device can be used with non-Verizon SIM cards on a network compatible carrier's domestic or international network.

    Note: A device being locked does not impact your ability to roam onto another carrier’s network.

  2. What is Verizon’s device locking policy?

    Beginning on 7/23/2019, devices purchased from Verizon are locked for 60 days from the date of purchase. This policy applies to new and existing customers, postpaid and prepaid plans and customers porting their service to another carrier.

    Please see examples below for more information:

    • Device purchased at full retail price or on a device payment agreement – Locked for 60 days from purchase
    • Device purchased on a device payment agreement and paid off prior to 60 day requirement - Locked for 60 days from purchase
    • Customers porting out service – Device remains locked until 60-day requirement has been met
    • Verizon service canceled while device is locked - Device remains locked until 60-day requirement has been met
    • Prepaid customers – Locked for 60 days from purchase

  3. Do I have to do anything to have my device unlocked?

    Your device will be unlocked automatically as long the following applies:

    • You are 60 days from purchase
    • Your device is not flagged for fraud, or reported as lost or stolen


  4. Why does Verizon have a device locking policy?

    We have a device locking policy to help prevent theft and protect customers from fraud. A device that is locked and not useable on networks outside of Verizon's is less attractive to criminals.

  5. What devices are locked under this policy?

    All smartphones sold by Verizon or one of our retail partners.

  6. How do I know if my device is locked?

    Upon inserting a non-Verizon SIM, the error message "SIM Not Supported" appears on the screen of locked devices.

    Note: Message may vary by manufacturer.

  7. I'm bringing my own device to Verizon; does this impact me?

    No, if you bring your own device to use with Verizon service, the device locking policy does not apply.

  8. If I'm travelling internationally, how do I get service if my device is locked?

    If you are travelling internationally and your device is locked, you can sign up for one of Verizon's international services to stay connected.

    To use your device on another carrier's SIM card and network, you must meet our device unlocking requirements.

  9. Can I still transfer my service to another person's account?

    Yes, you can still transfer your service to another account. However, the device will remain locked after the transfer unless it has met our device unlocking requirements.

  10. If I suspend my service, does the date my device will be unlocked change?

    No, suspending your device does not change when your device will be eligible to be unlocked.

    Note: Suspending your device because it was lost or stolen will prevent it from being unlocked.