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One Talk Desktop App User Guide

Verizon One Talk is a versatile, multi-line phone solution for offices, remote work, or a combination of both. Your mobile phone number is shared across multiple devices, giving you access to calls and business telephone features while on the go.

One Talk delivers
The One Talk Desktop app lets you take your business phone wherever you go and is a great asset for remote workers. The easy setup and available features provide collaboration from any device.

Download the One Talk Desktop app and enjoy the same features of the One Talk Mobile app on your Windows or Mac computer.

A good fit for your business
You can configure One Talk components to match your business needs. The One Talk Desktop app is a good fit for any receptionist, transportation/distribution dispatcher or remote worker, which are just a few examples of how you can use One Talk as your business service.

    System requirements

    The One Talk Desktop app supports the following operating systems and versions:

    Windows PC

    • Windows 8 (64-bit) and above

    Apple Mac OS

    • Mac OS 10.11 (64-bit) and above

    Windows installation

    Visit the One Talk downloads page and choose Windows download.

    Detailed instructions:

    1. Download the Verizon_OneTalk_Win-<Version>.exe file.

    2. Double click on the Verizon_OneTalk_Win-<Version>.exe file.

    3. On the "User Account Control" pop-up window, click Yes.

    4. On the "One Talk Setup" screen, click Next.

    5. On the "Install Options" screen, select the options that fit your One Talk usage and click Next.

    6. On the "Choose Install Location" screen, select a destination folder and click Next.

    7. On "Choose Start Menu Folder" screen, select the start menu option and click Install.

    8. On the "Installation Complete" screen click Next.

    9. On the "Completing the One Talk Setup" screen, check "Start One Talk now", and click Finish to start One Talk.

    Mac installation

    Visit the One Talk downloads page and choose MAC download.

    Detailed instructions:

    1. Download the Verizon_OneTalk_Mac-<Version>.dmg file.

    2. Double click on the Verizon_OneTalk_Mac-<Version>.dmg file.

    3. Click and drag the One Talk icon to your Applications folder.

    4. Go to your Applications folder and select One Talk.

    5. In the "Developer Identity Confirmation" pop-up window, click Open to launch One Talk.

    Sign in

    Each One Talk phone number can use the One Talk Mobile and Desktop apps on up to 5 different devices. Using the One Talk phone number in the Desktop app counts toward the limit of 5 devices.

    1. Open One Talk and sign in.
    2. Select One Talk Phone Number and enter your One Talk phone number.
    3. Select Device Name and enter a name for your device. (Minimum 3 characters.)
    4. Click Request PIN.
    5. Check your email for your activation PIN*. It's the email address your One Talk administrator used when setting up your Verizon One Talk account.
    6. Enter your activation PIN and click Activate.

    *Your company's One Talk administrator must ensure that you have a valid email address in My Business.

    Set up your device and profile

    1. Select each field to enter your Name, Company and Position (if desired).
    2. Select Add Photo to add a picture to your profile. You can choose an existing image from your computer.
    3. Enter the address where you want to receive emergency services in the 911 address field.
    4. Click Finish and confirm your 911 address.

    You've successfully completed your device and profile setup.

    View E911 address

    Enhanced 911 (E911) is a location technology allowing emergency responders to know the geographical location of 911 calls.

    1. To view your 911 address click the icon from the Main Menu.
    2. Select General.
    3. Select (edit) in the top right corner to view or edit your E911 address. It's critical to have a current address, since this will be the location where emergency personnel will be dispatched.
    4. Confirm your 911 address and select Save to finish.

    Set up voicemail

    1. Open One Talk for Desktop.
    2. Select the voicemail icon in the left menu.
    3. Tap the Call button to call your voicemail.
    4. Follow the voice prompts to:
      • Set up your password.
      • Set up your voice signature (recording of your name).
      • Select your preferred greeting.

    For more information on basic voicemail, visit our Voicemail FAQs.


    If you can't complete the One Talk Desktop app setup, please check the following:

    Maximum number of devices error

    One Talk Desktop app displays a "Too many active SPC_METOKENs" error when you reach the maximum of 5 devices using the One Talk Mobile or Desktop app for that specific One Talk phone number.

    If the maximum number of devices has been reached, you must de-authorize 1 or more devices using the One Talk Admin portal or the One Talk mobile app. Deleting the One Talk Mobile or Desktop app from your device does not de-authorize the device, even though the app can’t be used unless set up again.

    Contact you administrator if you're having problems de-authorizing a device.

    One Talk Desktop app can't complete the setup process

    • Check your connectivity
      The One Talk Desktop app requires either a 4G LTE, or broadband internet connection using a CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable or Wi-Fi. Your devices must be connected to the internet before starting the setup process.
    • Protocols and ports
      Check with your IT administrator or office manager if there are any security firewalls. One Talk requires the following protocols and ports so that your devices have full functionality:

    Device Configuration/Authentication

    • Protocol: https
    • Port: 444

    911 Feature Provisioning

    • Protocol: https
    • Port: 443


    • Protocol: SIPTLS
    • Port: 443 and 5061

    Media (voice/video)

    • Protocol: SRTP
    • Port: any


    • Protocol: IMAP
    • Port: 993

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