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Lifeline and Link Up Programs FAQs

This page provides information on the Lifeline and Link Up programs for Verizon's wireless customers.

For Verizon Home Phone and Fios Home Internet customers in CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, NC, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, learn about the discounted Lifeline program for your services.

Lifeline Program

  1. What is Lifeline?

    Lifeline is a government assistance program that can provide a discount on your monthly bill if you qualify.

  2. How do I qualify for Lifeline?

    Lifeline eligibility requirements vary from state to state.

  3. How much can I save with Lifeline?

    If you qualify for Lifeline service, you'll save $9.25/month off of monthly access.

  4. Are there additional Lifeline discounts for residents of Tribal lands?

    Yes, if you're a qualified resident of federally recognized Tribal lands, you may receive up to $25/month in additional discounts.

  5. I'm currently a Verizon Wireless customer. How can I receive Lifeline assistance?

    As long as you're eligible and have a billing address within the designated area, you may apply for Lifeline assistance.

    However, if you move your service to the Lifeline program, you'll still be required to fulfill the Terms and Conditions of your existing Customer Agreement with Verizon Wireless. Also, if you terminate your Lifeline service, you may be subject to an early termination fee.

    For more information, call the Lifeline Customer Support Team at (800) 417-3849.

  6. Since I currently receive Lifeline assistance on my home phone, can I also receive Lifeline assistance on my wireless phone?

    No, the Lifeline discount is limited to a single line of service, and you aren't able to apply for multiple Lifeline accounts. You must choose to apply your Lifeline discount to either a landline or mobile number, but not both. You'll be required to sign an application certifying, under penalty of perjury, that you'll comply with this requirement.

    Note: Other service providers may use terms other than "Lifeline" to describe the Lifeline program.

  7. Will I have to sign a service contract to participate in Lifeline?

    Yes. If you qualify for Lifeline assistance, you'll be required to accept the Terms and Conditions of our Customer Agreement. Also, if your status changes and you're no longer eligible to receive Lifeline assistance, you're required to contact Verizon Wireless at (800) 417-3849.

  8. What if I have additional questions about Lifeline?

    If you have additional questions regarding the Lifeline program, please contact the Lifeline Customer Support Team at (800) 417-3849.

  9. Are there any restrictions with Lifeline?

    Yes, the following restrictions apply:

    • Only one Lifeline discount is available per household, and a household isn't permitted to receive Lifeline discounts from multiple providers. A household is defined, for purposes of the Lifeline program, as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses.

      Note: Violations of the one-per-household limitation constitute a violation of the Federal Communications Commission’s rules and will result in un-enrollment in the program, and could result in criminal prosecution.
    • Lifeline is non-transferable, and you may not transfer the discount to any other person.
    • Lifeline is a federal benefit, and willfully making false statements to obtain Lifeline can result in fines, imprisonment, un-enrollment or being barred from the program.

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