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Other Unlimited Plans

Find information about our unlimited data plans and the Just Kids plan available with Unlimited.

To get your plan details or to make plan changes go to My plan in My Verizon or the My Verizon app.

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About Above Unlimited

5G Mobile FAQs

Find out where Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband mobile network is available. Over 30 cities will be launched in 2019. Learn which 5G devices are sold by Verizon.

Above Unlimited FAQs

Above Unlimited is no longer open to new subscribers. If you already have this plan, you can mix and match it with our current unlimited plans.

How to Use Apple Music - FAQs

Learn how to get Apple Music with select Verizon Plans, FAQs including who's eligible, how to sign up, how to use the Apple Music app and promotions.

Verizon Cloud Beta Lab FAQs

Verizon Cloud Beta Lab lets you try new features before they are fully launched. Learn about the screenshots album and Time Travel features.

Verizon Cloud FAQs

Get storage for photos, videos, contacts, music and more with the Verizon Cloud app. Learn to back up and sync content across devices. Try a free trial.

Verizon TravelPass FAQs - Flat Rate International Travel Plan

TravelPass lets you use your domestic talk, text & data allowances while traveling outside the US in over 185 countries (Canada & Mexico) for a low daily rate.

Verizon Up Rewards FAQs

Get answers to questions about the Verizon Up rewards program. Find out how to enroll, claim a Monthly or Bonus Reward and stay up-to-date on all the perks.

Video: Tips on using Verizon TravelPass
(length: 1:00)

Get the most out of your Verizon phone and TravelPass while traveling abroad. Learn how to set up your phone for international roaming and troubleshoot issues.
Length: 1:00

Video: Verizon Unlimited Plans – Mix & match unlimited data plans
(length: 1:56)

Verizon's newest unlimited data plans let each family member pick the plan that fits them best, so everyone gets what they need. Watch how to mix and match.
Length: 1:56