Growth, SWAG and everything in between.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Celebrating the big wins of Verizon Consumer Group.

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On today’s final episode of 2021, we look back and celebrate a transformative year for the Verizon Consumer Group:

Meeting the needs of a changing world

It started in January, when CEO Hans Vestberg asked all of us to think, “Growth, growth, growth.” Consumer Group CEO Ronan Dunne also challenged the team to “change the way work gets done” to build a stronger future. Our Consumer colleagues stepped up to those challenges. We continued to align our retail teams to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience, alongside Customer Service and Telesales.

We also welcomed a new leader early in the year. With a razor-sharp focus on the customer, consumer retail sales leader Sean Lee joined the V Team to bring the swagger back to our stores, as his message continues to help our retail team sell, win and grow.

Welcome to the family

March was a big month and not just for college basketball. We closed our deal with Bluegrass Cellular, expanding our wireless footprint to help connect even more rural customers.

We also partnered with Hoy Health, offering Verizon customers exclusive discounts on bilingual telehealth services.

And just last month, we officially expanded Verizon’s portfolio, completing our acquisition of TracFone Wireless, Inc., making Verizon the leading prepaid, value and premium wireless carrier.

No more following the rules

On the final day of March, we broke the previous ‘rules’ around broken phones, giving people a chance to trade in their damaged ones for up to $1,000 towards a brand new 5G phone. That offer paved the way for our Bi5Gest Upgrade Ever, giving even more people a chance to enjoy being on Verizon 5G.

More and more value

Our Verizon Visa Card got quite the upgrade this summer as we gave cardholders even more travel and gift card rewards. And to celebrate those travel rewards, famous foodie Adam Richman took us on a gastronomic tour around the country, digging into some of America’s favorite meals.

A DRIVE towards greater inclusion

Developing a culture of inclusion, our leaders introduced VCG DRIVE. This initiative was designed to DRIVE measurable outcomes contributing to our company’s diversity goals while focusing on representation and creating an inclusive culture across the Consumer organization.

Great partners, products and services

2021 was a huge year for partnerships. From Discovery+ to AMC+ on us, not to mention our awesome Disney bundle, these game-changing partnerships continue to pave the way for our customers to enjoy Verizon’s network to the fullest.

The iPhone 13 had all kinds of Apple fans excited, including many of our VCG colleagues, as even more people made the upgrade and put a game-changing 5G device in their hands.

Later in the year, the release of Google’s Pixel 6 kept the momentum going, wowing everyone from consumers to the ‘George Talks Tech’ team.

Game time

We also made sure our gamers felt the love. A few of our stores even showcased the power of AR gaming through our partnership with Niantic’s Urban Legends. It’s another example of how Verizon is your home for the best in gaming and entertainment, which continues today with Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass on us.

A Huddle for the ages and a Visible step forward

Stepping into the final quarter, our 4Q Huddle event ramped up the energy and Verizon Consumer continued to deliver. Our all-digital wireless carrier Visible welcomed its new CEO Angie Klein, who shared her vision for Visible.

A call answered again and again

Our ‘Call For Kindness’ served as a coast-to-coast reminder to be a force for good every day. We teamed up with local artists to feature uplifting messages in major cities across the country. And Verizon Consumer Group put those words of kindness into action.

You might remember winter storms in Texas and in Tennessee which prompted our V Team to respond with heartwarming acts of kindness. And when Hurricane Ida hit the Gulf Coast, or when wildfires raged out West, our Verizon Consumer team stepped up in big ways for our customers and each other.

New year, new roles

Accelerating our next stage of growth, we first met Manon Brouillette in June when she joined our team as Verizon Consumer Group’s Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO. More recently, when Ronan announced his move to serve as Hans’ strategic advisor, Manon stepped into the role of EVP and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, effective in January. In addition, Krista Bourne will become VCG’s Chief Operating Officer. These moves pave the way for a high-growth future for VCG.

It’s been an incredible year for all of us. As we prepare to step into a new year, it’s a moment for us not only to reflect, but to celebrate these big wins and ramp up for even more wins ahead.

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