The power of AndroidTM meets the big screen. See what makes these top tablets stand out from the rest. 

Take the best features of a smartphone and put them on a bigger screen. Now you have a tablet. It can match the productivity of your laptop, eReader or drawing pad—and sometimes, even outperform them.

Here are the best Android tablets from Verizon:


Smaller tablets (7–9-inch display)

Tablets of this size often feel right in your hands—the way a book might—and they’re easy to use vertically like a smartphone instead of horizontally like a laptop. The smaller size usually translates to a lower cost too, especially if you choose to make a monthly device payment.


LG G Pad™ X8.3

This tablet is big enough to take on tasks, but small enough to carry. Its fast processor lets you use multiple apps at once.

Why it rocks: The full-sized USB port, where you can plug in a mouse, keyboard or hard drive. This hardware feature is rare on Android tablets and especially handy if you want to easily transfer pictures or videos to external storage.

Who it’s for: The multitasker who toggles between apps like Flipboard2048, and Evernote at nothing less than lightning speed.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E (8.0″)

Featuring a quad-core processor that packs a powerful punch, this tablet lets you get things done quickly. Its compact size makes it comfortable to use.

Why it rocks: The microSD™ card slot expands your tablet’s storage from 16 GB all the way up to an additional 128 GB. That’s plenty of room for videos, songs and photos.

Who it’s for: The budding entrepreneur who needs to live stream a tech conference, answer email, update a quarterly report and tweet her supporters, all at the same time.


Larger tablets (10-inch display or more)

These motherships are big enough to snuggle up with your favorite person and share a TV episode or go over a PowerPoint® presentation with colleagues. Yet they’re still slim enough to slide into a backpack.


Samsung Galaxy View

It’s the portable entertainment hub of your dreams, with a massive 18.4-inch touchscreen that’s superb for watching videos. Carry it from room to room with its built-in handle or enjoy streaming shows in the kitchen while you cook, thanks to its made-to-stand-upright design.

Why it rocks: Powerful speakers immerse you in a rich sound that bring movies to life, while its long-lasting battery allows for up to eight hours of continuous binge-watching.

Who it’s for: The movie buff who longs for a TV he can take on the go.


Verizon Ellipsis® 10

The bright colors on the 10-inch screen make your gaming apps and sports highlights look spectacular. Stereo speakers and a smart amplifier help maximize the volume.

Why it rocks: Offering usage time up to 25 hours, the 9,100 mAh battery is the highest-capacity battery in any 10-inch tablet on the Verizon 4G LTE network. So you can surf, share or stream to your heart’s content.

Who it’s for: The cross-country traveler who needs a tablet that stays awake as long as she does.

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