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Make the right investments to grow your business

Organize your communications to achieve business success.

Learn how to make a smart investment in the right resources like One Talk from Verizon that can help you increase business efficiency and drive future growth.


Small business owners wear many hats, which means you're constantly juggling a variety of responsibilities. You want to make every dollar count, and feel constant pressure to do more with less. Making a smart investment in the right resources can help you increase effciency and drive future growth.

Keep your teams engaged to reach their full potential.

As any successful business owner knows, running a business is a team effort. It’s important to learn how to delegate responsibilities and harness your teams’ potential, so you can focus on innovation and growth. Maintaining that mindset may require some extra effort, but you’ll be able to take advantage of each team member’s unique skills, which will help your business in the long run.

Add the right technology tools to your toolbox.

You want to conserve resources as much as possible and only invest in what’s essential to help you succeed. With the right technology in place, you can boost your team’s effciency while controlling costs. The key is to weigh the benefits of adding new solutions to your business against their impact.

Organize your communications to achieve business success.

Effcient, regular communication with your customers, partners and employees helps drive business success. Though many new communications technologies are readily available, a reliable phone system is still important. The right phone system will let you incorporate both desktop phones and employees’ mobile devices, to keep teams communicating and accessible, regardless of their location. One Talk℠ from Verizon can help improve business effciency by keeping employees connected and delivering better customer experiences.

One Talk features include: 

  • Line sharing - Using the same extension for both employees' desk phones and their mobile devices, making it easier for customers to dial one number to connect. 
  • Hunt Group - Create groups of mobile employees who can take a call, so if one is unavailable, another can field the call, which helps increase efficiency and keep customers satisfied. 
  • Business persona- Using Calling Line ID delivery, you can assign a 10-digit number that's displayed as the outgoing caller ID whenever your employees place calls from their One Talk devices.  This allows you to braodcast your main business number instead of an individual employee's number on outbound calls.

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Contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist to learn how One Talk helps your business increase efficiency and make teams more productive.  For more information about One Talk, click here or visit a Verizon Wireless store near you.


One Talk–capable desk phone must be purchased from Verizon to support some of these features. Features available on select phones and smart devices. Activation of the One Talk feature and broadband connection is required.

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