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Communication tools as power tools

Learn how a construction company elevated efficiency, customer service and income by putting a mobile-first solution in workers’ hands.

One Talk is a multi-line telephone solution that’s ideal for companies with employees in the office, on the go and offsite. It’s a “mobile-first” solution grounded in the solid functionality of a modern office system.



For construction companies, being able to compete means being able to get the job done on time and on budget. And that takes good communication. Critical project information needs to be shared with the crew working onsite. Employees need to be able to call clients and suppliers to share information and make decisions. With so many moving parts to completing a job, it’s not really possible to coordinate, collaborate or solve problems face-to-face. Costly and outdated communications systems that don’t keep everyone connected can slow down operations and put the project way behind schedule.


One Talk℠ from Verizon is a multi-line telephone solution that’s ideal for companies with employees in the office, on the go and offsite. It's a "mobile first" solution grounded in the solid functionality of a modern office system.

With One Talk, users can move seamlessly between desk phone, tablet and mobile phone at the touch of a button, without losing desk-phone capabilities.* They simply take the rich calling features with them wherever they go.

And that includes call transfer and conferencing with up to six users, as well as several group and user features that can be activated to facilitate after-hour calls.

It’s an ideal fit to help keep construction companies that have a lot of employees working in and out of the office—or migrating between both—connected and productive. 


With One Talk, construction companies—as well as customers and suppliers—can see improvements in communication, customer service and overall efficiency. 

Features like Line Sharing with mobile phones, Hunt Groups, Bridge Lines, Simultaneous Ring Service and Remote Call Pickup with Barge-In mean that important calls are answered and not just allowed to go to voicemail.

Collaboration improves, too. With 6-way Conferencing, crew members, no matter where they are working from, can easily join a group call. And video calling means mobile users can show video feeds from their Verizon smartphone when there’s an issue or when there’s a job completed or an issue at a remote site to share.

One Talk even simplifies billing with account codes, which means individual calls can be associated with a specific code for tracking purposes.

It turns out that leading-edge communication tools are as important—and as valuable—as the traditional tools of the trade for this construction company.

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Contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist to learn more about how One Talk can help you connect your teams and remote locations.  For more information about One Talk, click here or visit a Verizon Wireless store near you.


*One Talk–capable desk phone must be purchased from Verizon to support some of these features. Video calling available on select phones. Activation of the One Talk feature and broadband connection is required.

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