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Four ways Verizon is supercharging the digital transformation of NFL stadiums


As the NFL kicks off its 100th season, Verizon is already tackling the next 100.

Since 2010, Verizon has provided unprecedented connectivity as well as integration and deployment solutions for the league. Together, Verizon and the NFL are enabling innovative new experiences for fans, enhancing stadium operations, deepening loyalty and adding value to the NFL brand. And as Verizon turns on 5G—the next generation in wireless connectivity—in 13 stadiums and counting, those opportunities are multiplying.

Here are four ways Verizon is helping the NFL write a new digital playbook.


Streamlining operations 

Smarter systems make businesses run more efficiently.



Managing a stadium built for 80,000 spectators is complex—and that’s before the seats fill up. Any given Sunday, Verizon is empowering the NFL to streamline its game-day operations.

Conditions are ripe for innovation. Sensors, cameras and other wireless infrastructure inside and outside stadiums could ease traffic flow in the parking lot, help enable heat-mapping to improve foot traffic in public spaces, as well as help boost efficiency of concession stands and vendor kiosks. Enhanced network infrastructure could enable near-real-time advanced security measures. The stadium ecosystem could become more agile from end to end, opening new revenue streams and creating a chain of accountability throughout the environment.


●       What operational blindspots could be alleviated with end-to-end insight/optimization technology?

●       How might a 5G-powered sensor ecosystem make your business safer/faster/more efficient?

Explore how Verizon Business can help your organization leverage the IoT to improve day-to-day processes and operational efficiencies


Expanding the coverage

Higher bandwidth supports nearly seamless digital interactions.



The only struggle in the stadium should be for the ball, not for bandwidth. Managing a stadium’s worth of streaming and sharing is a challenge Verizon is equipped to tackle, thanks to our network know-how and deep fiber assets.

Fast, reliable connections are a value-driver for every area of an enterprise. Ensuring smooth digital interaction can increase customer engagement, spark heightened brand affinity, create new data-driven marketing opportunities and empower teams to break down silos that stifle innovation. The potential result: greater satisfaction, more buzz and more actionable analytics to share with partners.


●       How might greater digital connectivity enhance connections between your IT and marketing teams?

●       How would a faster network help you remain competitive and deepen customer loyalty?

See how Verizon’s suite of managed network services can keep your technology running at the speed of your business. 


Making plays

Enhanced connectivity supports fluid fan experiences.



A strong mobile network can empower the NFL to make a fan’s visit to the stadium more convenient—and memorable—than ever.

On a next-gen network, mobile apps could direct attendees to the closest parking spot, the nearest entry gate and the least trafficked restroom or concession stand. These apps could also create smoother in-stadium purchasing experiences and allow fans to unlock team content, alternate viewing angles, up-to-the-minute stats and real-time social promotions. With Verizon, a fan’s smartphone could become their ticket to much more than just a football game.


●       How can your business reimagine mobile applications to increase convenience for customers?

●       How might near-real-time visibility into valuable data feeds make your logistics and fulfillment processes more efficient?

Discover how Verizon can deliver more proactive, personalized and seamless customer engagements.


Unlocking engagement

A next-gen network ups the wow factor.



The NFL fan experience doesn’t start at kickoff or end when the last seconds tick off the clock. That’s why the NFL and Verizon’s other enterprise partners are looking for innovative ways to eliminate physical boundaries and create enhanced interactions in areas that would otherwise be unimaginable.

For the league, a next-gen network can allow fans a virtual VIP pass to the locker room for exclusive interviews with players and coaches—unlocking a host of new marketing and promotional opportunities. But the access won’t stop there. With 5G, these tours could potentially incorporate immersive VR, transforming a post-game press conference into a 360 video spectacle. With the right network architecture in place, the best seat in the house can be wherever the fan is.


●       Which physical boundaries would you break down to reach clients more effectively?

●       In a 5G-powered future, how might AR/VR unlock new paths to customer or personnel engagement?

Reimagine expectations and differentiate your business from your competitors’ with next-level customer experiences.

With 5G Ultra Wideband, the next generation in wireless connectivity, opportunities for businesses to deepen engagement, optimize operations and delight customers should only multiply. Game on.

If Verizon 5G can do this for the NFL, imagine what it can do for your business.


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