How to Find Your Android Smartphone with 3 Locator Apps

These three phone locator apps can help you recover your lost Android smartphone quickly and easily.

Some apps crush cartoon candies, deliver gifts to a friend’s doorstep or even deposit your check. But the most valuable apps are the ones that come to the rescue when your phone is missing.

Here are some phone locator apps that can help you easily recover your prized device fast.

1. Where’s My Droid

It was here five minutes ago. It’s probably at the coffee shop (or the bank, maybe?). Actually, the phone bounced out of your briefcase and into the thick, spiky shrubbery just outside the office door. But you don’t know that yet; you’re just in a panic right now.

How it works: Put the coffee down, find a laptop or tablet and log on to the app’s Commander—its online command center for phones. Select one of five options: Ring the phone, take a photo, lock the phone, wipe data or select location for a precise GPS-pinned map.