Print documents wirelessly whenever you need them.

Printing documents directly from your smartphone or tablet can be one of the most convenient ways to enhance your personal productivity or convert that great photo into something you can touch and hold. Whether you need a hard copy of files for home or business purposes, a variety of new apps, online services and gadgets are now making it simpler to print forms, reports, contracts and more on demand. Here's how to set up wireless printing for your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile printing apps

Given that more and more people are using a mobile device as their main computer, many major manufacturers now provide free downloadable apps to enable mobile printing. Suitable for a variety of purposes - printing our vacation snapshots, art projects for kids, business documents, etc. - these apps can come in handy whether you're at home or on the road.

Solutions are available for many popular operating systems and compatible wireless-enabled printers. Check with your printer manufacturer to learn more about their mobile printing options.







Cloud-computing solutions

Mobile printing is also possible courtesy of cloud-computing services such as Google Cloud Print. Using this technology, which is compatible with any printer (though optimized for use with Cloud Print Ready devices) and requires Internet access, you can use Cloud Print-compatible apps to print from Android or iOS devices. A free service that even lets multiple users share a connected printer, network features make it suitable for both home and business purposes. Note that this technology is also built into a large range of apps, not just Google's own creations - check out the full list of compatible solutions.

Several popular programs also offer the abiilty to "print" directly to the cloud (i.e. syncing digital versions of documents to multiple devices), rather than creating hard copies of these files. For more, see the following links:



In certain instances, you can even access these files for remote printing at nearby office stores (e.g., those offered by FedEx and UPS).

Printing via email

Many major printer manufacturers such as HP and Epson also offer the ability to print remotely simply by sending files to an email address associated with a specific printer. Check your manual or the manufacturer's website for more information on configuring these services on select Internet-connected devices.

Now that you know more about how to set up wireless printing, find the perfect smartphone or tablet to handle your increased productivity.

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