It's the home phone for this century. Turn yours up a notch with these products and services.

Ever since Alexander Graham Bell introduced the public to the telephone in 1876, we've seen major transformation in this means of communication. From Morse code to dial phones, we've witnessed the evolution of landlines to cordless, and the introduction of the first cell phone, also known as the car phone. Technology has enhanced the way we connect with one another, and Verizon technology is constantly on the cutting edge.

Did you know Verizon home phone service offers more options than just replacing your landline with your cell phone? If you're looking for alternatives to your home phone service, here are some choices to consider.  


Enhance your at-home coverage

For homes with coverage issues, use the Network Extender to make sure that you always have reliable coverage, even with up to six users connected. The Network Extender acts as your personal mini cell phone tower, so you can make calls from indoor locations where cellular coverage needs a boost.

Setup is easy. All you need to do is plug the Network Extender into the Internet with an Ethernet cable and place it near a window. You'll be receiving more reliable wireless phone service in no time. You can manage your Network Extender settings so that only certain mobile numbers, such as your family's, get preferential access, or you can open access to any mobile number in range.

Replace your home phone service

You can keep your existing phone and phone number and move your home phone service to the Verizon Wireless network with Wireless Home Phone. No broadband or Internet connection is needed for Wireless Home Phone. Plug in your existing touch tone home telephone, and store the compact Wireless Home Phone unit out of the way or on the included desktop stand. Battery backup comes in handy during power outages. As long as your home phone is still charged up (or works without external power), you'll still be able to make and receive calls.

If you're looking for a convenient, cost-effective and reliable option for your home phone and Internet services, look no further. Any of these devices listed above would make Alexander Graham Bell proud.  

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