Part phone, part tablet - what is a phablet?

It's a device that even Goldilocks could love. Say your tablet feels a little too big to carry around, but you're also dissatisfied with your smartphone's small screen. Look no further than the phablet - a tech crossbreed that's not too big and not too small, but just right.

What is a phablet?

Think about it this way: PHone-tABLET. Phablets are essentially smartphone-tablet hybrids. They're feature-rich with screen sizes between 5 and 6 inches that offer the portability and functionality of a smartphone crossed with the dynamic, big-screen experience of a tablet, stylus sometimes included. Some of the best phablets you might have heard about include the Apple® iPHone® 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, LG V10TM and the Samsung Galaxy Note5. Wondering if a phablet is the way to go when you're ready to purchase your next device? Check out these four features that may convince you to get one:

1. Exceptional performance

Because they're larger, manufacturers have more flexibility to play around under the hood, leaving you with a more powerful piece of hardware. The iPhone 6 Plus, for example, boasts a new and more powerful A8 chip, which delivers speedier graphics performance more efficiently. In other words, you'll be able to play games that are graphics-intense or videos at higher frame rates longer than before.


2. Spectacular displays

If you've been watching videos or your favorite shows on your smartphone's cramped screen, you're really going to love the screen size of a phablet. Playing games, reading e-books and editing documents are easy tasks on the larger screen. When it's time to work,  you'll get more done, and when it's time to play, you'll have move visuals to enjoy. Look no further thatn the iPhone 6 Plus, which featuers a higher resolution 5.5-inch Retina HD display. The Galaxy Note5 also comes equipped with a Super AMOLED® screen.

3. Incredible cameras

These days, there seems to be no point in owning a mobile device that doesn't have a spectacular camera. The iSight camera on the iPhone 6 Plus has a new sensor with Focus Pixels, which delivers better and faster autofocus that can even be seen in preview mode.

4. Next-level multitasking

Sure, the large screen size allows for great viewing, but it also means that you can take multitasking to a whole new level. The Galaxy Note5's Multi Window technology means that you can open up multiple windows on a single screen and run two apps simultaneously - or even open one app in two windows. So you can watch a video while drafting an email or carry on two chat conversations at the same time in different windows. How convenient is that?

Shope the Apple® iPhone® 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note5, LG V10 and Samsung Galaxy s7 edge at Verizon.