PopSockets PopGrip - Aluminum Black



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Change your style at a moment’s notice. The PopSockets PopGrip features a conveniently swappable design: just click, twist and swap out PopTops for a brand new look. Snap selfies, watch videos, text friends and multitask like a pro. The PopSockets PopGrip gives you a secure and comfortable one-handed grip. Attach and reattach it just the way you like. This stylish grip/stand combo sticks to most tablets, smartphones and cases, though it may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases.

Charge up wirelessly.
Fuel up your phone with ease. The PopGrip is compatible with wireless charging so long as you remove the PopTop.*

Prop it up.
Get a better view for watching movies, chatting with friends or just enjoying a quick video. Lean your device against your extended PopGrip to use it as a stand.

*Wireless chargers sold separately.

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208 Reviews

bubblyk - 10 months ago

Pop sockets are amazing. They are affordable and very handy. My pop socket has prevented me from dropping my phone many times. I recommend getting one if you don’t have one.

I love my popsockets

sabreenj - 5 months ago

I love my popsockets so much I HAVE to have one on every case and phone makes it easier to hold a big phone

I love all popsockets.

- 5 months ago

I love all popsockets. The styles are perfect for any phone and there are many to choose from. The pop socket makes even the largest of phones easy to handle

I love this Popsocket

cailliecakes - 5 months ago

I love this Popsocket though mine is rose gold. I'm a little sad though I dropped my phone and it got all scratched up so it has some silver scratches in it. Oh well, still works.

Great for getting a

samm144 - 5 months ago

Great for getting a good grip on your exspensive phones as well as works some what for a kickstand, gets the job done I stopped dropping my phone after install

This is the best

fpanjwan - 5 months ago

This is the best one. I've tried other brands but nothing sticks like this one even on a case it sticks. It's your basic necessity and it stays forever. You can't go wrong with a popsocket