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Change your style at a moment’s notice. The PopSockets PopGrip features a conveniently swappable design: just click, twist and swap out PopTops for a brand new look. Snap selfies, watch videos, text friends and multitask like a pro. The PopSockets PopGrip gives you a secure and comfortable one-handed grip. Attach and reattach it just the way you like. This stylish grip/stand combo sticks to most tablets, smartphones and cases, though it may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases.

Charge up wirelessly.
Fuel up your phone with ease. The PopGrip is compatible with wireless charging so long as you remove the PopTop.*

Prop it up.
Get a better view for watching movies, chatting with friends or just enjoying a quick video. Lean your device against your extended PopGrip to use it as a stand.

*Wireless chargers sold separately.

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68 Reviews

I've had this popsocket

sharanadarcel - 15 days ago

I've had this popsocket on my phone for months now and it hasn't given me any trouble. It makes it easier to hold my phone, and I can use it to clip my phone up in my car when driving and I need the GPS. The rose gold color matches my phone case too. Would recommend and would repurchase

I love my pop

karenb264 - 5 months ago

I love my pop socket. It makes typing on my phone easier and I’m not afraid it will slip out of my hand. Sticks well to my phone case. Easy to apply. Works well. Highly recommended. So many cute colors. I have several to go with different cases.

I didn’t get the

heartsandarrow - 5 months ago

I didn’t get the popsicket craze until I actually got one. It makes stabilizing my phone for photos stronger and overall improved the grip I have on my phone

I love my PopSocket!

pamb37 - 5 months ago

I love my PopSocket! I don’t know how I ever got along without it!! The price is pretty reasonable and the one I have now is the first and only one I’ve bought in 3 years. It makes handling my phone so much more stable, especially when taking pictures!

Cannot use my phone

nicolet4bbd - 6 months ago

Cannot use my phone without a popsocket now. makes holding my phone much easier and my hand and wrist no loner cramp if i have it in my hand for an extended period of time.

I absolutely love use

alynnhirsch - 6 months ago

I absolutely love use and pop sockets for my phone it helps me hold onto the foam have a better grip so I’m laying down in bed I don’t have to worry about dropping the phone on my head and cracking my school it’s really convenient helps of taking pictures too I hope to take a good selfie I love it I think everybody should definitely try out using a pop socket they work great