RAZER Wolverine V2 Pro Wireless PlayStation 5 & PC Gaming Controller

RAZER Wolverine V2 Pro Wireless PlayStation 5 & PC Gaming Controller





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Level up your gaming experience with the Wolverine V2 Pro Wireless PlayStation 5 & PC Gaming Controller. This ergonomic controller provides a natural grip, allowing added precision for swift and accurate responses. HyperSpeed wireless provinces a low-latency, gaming-grade performance for responsive playtime. 6 additional multi-function buttons allow for greater control and customization. And interchangeable thumbstick caps allow for more natural and precise analog motion.

Hyper-responsive buttons.
Why choose between accurate and comfortable gameplay? The Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons and D-Pad allow for hyper-responsive actuation with a cushioned touch.

Razer HyperTrigger.
Give yourself a competitive edge with Razer HyperTrigger, allowing for quickfire execution in FPS games.

Razer Chroma RGB.
Customize your controller with countless colors and effects. Add pizzazz to your controller along with a custom gameplay experience.



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if youre a real gamer this is it

hugedek . 11 days ago

Check Mark GraphicYes, I'd recommend this product.
this controller blows everything out of the water if you see reviews saying anything g other wise just look the other way if you want quick response times crisp buttons and a leg up on multiplayer competition this is the only controller you chose it’s not for people who need sounds and vibrations in their hands it’s for real gamers who k ow what they need in a controller to get the edge over their opponent.. so buy one you won’t regret it best controller on the market hands down

Stripped of everything that makes the ps5 controller so great

BlockChainGG . 8 months ago

Only Sony controllers get rumble, haptic feedback and “dual sense”. Just buy a dual sense edge.