Wemo WiFi Smart 3-Way Light Switch

Wemo WiFi Smart 3-Way Light Switch






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Give your lights a smarter edge with the WiFi Smart 3-Way Light Switch. This convenient light switch lets you control your lights hands-free using your voice.1 The free Wemo app controls your lights from any compatible devices and sets rules and schedules so you can create your own scenes. You can even make it look like you're home, even when you're not. And, it works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Google Nest, Alexa and IFTTT.¹

¹When paired with a voice recognition device or service, sold separately.



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Incredibly Buggy, Even Worse Support sssss

rebeccamac . 3 months ago

Half the time I try to use the switch it tells me "Wemo is unavailable right now". Have to reset it regularly. Now had an issue where it won't reset, and for 9 days they have not resolved the issue, Twitter support gives different answers than 2nd tier support, and you cannot reach anyone on the phone. 9 days! I had to turn my breaker off for multiple lights in the house because the constant clicking and light show (blinking blue, red and green!) was unbearable. Still not resolved. Now they are trying to say I didn't use an electrician! I've had it over a year and my electrician is excellent. Get a Kasa. Belkin has no interest in investing in the Wemo brand for support or product.

Doesn’t fit sssss

Sonia doc fixndndjdnx . 8 months ago

This switch is too bulky and doesn’t fit the existing box case. Also the wiring comes with connectors which makes it even harder to fit the switch to the box case. Only buy it for newly built home otherwise you’ll have to take out your existing box case and put in a new one.

Customer Support - 8 months ago

Hi Sonia doc fixndndjdnx, We thank you for sharing your honest review with your Wemo WLS0403. For proper assistance with the installation, it is highly recommended that you seek a professional electrician. Nonetheless, should you need further assistance with the setup and configuration, you may reach out to our phone support team as they are more than willing to help. Please refer to this link for our hotline numbers: https://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=55022. Regards, Lance Wemo Support