Call Latin America with Global Choice at no additional cost.

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Global Choice

Select a Latin American country and get up to
5 hours per month for Global Choice at no additional cost.
After your allowance you’ll get discounted rates to your
selected country.

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Country Monthly
Rate after
Argentina 120 $0.10/min Argentina
Bolivia 60 $0.20/min Bolivia
Brazil 180 $0.05/min Brazil
Chile 120 $0.10/min Chile
Colombia 300 $0.05/min Colombia
Costa Rica 180 $0.05/min Costa Rica
Cuba 30 $0.65/min Cuba
Dominican Republic 120 $0.10/min Dom Rep
Ecuador 60 $0.20/min Ecuador
El Salvador 60 $0.20/min El Salvador
Guatemala 60 $0.20/min Guatemala
Honduras 60 $0.20/min Honduras
Panama 120 $0.10/min Panama
Paraguay 180 $0.05/min Paraguay
Peru 300 $0.05/min Peru
Uruguay 120 $0.10/min Uruguay
Venezuela 120 $0.10/min Venezuela

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