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Change Billing Address FAQs

General Information

  1. How do I change my billing address?

    If you're an Account Owner or Account Manager, you can change your billing address online in My Verizon or from your device in the My Verizon app by going to our Update Billing Address page.

    Learn more about account access roles.

  2. How soon will my updated billing address go into effect?

    Your updated billing address information should go into effect within 24 hours.

  3. I’m trying to change my address. Why is the address I’m entering giving me an error message?

    When you enter your address, it's scanned against the USPS® (United States Postal Service) address database before being accepted. The database may not be recognizing your address the way you entered it.

    Here are a few tips when entering address information:

    • For numeric streets, try numeric and word versions (e.g., 1st or First)
    • Don't use punctuation, such as periods and commas
    • Abbreviate directions using N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW
    • If your street has a direction prefix (N, S, E, W, etc.) be sure to include it before the street name (e.g., 240 S Graham Street)
    • If your street has a direction suffix (N, S, E, W, etc.) be sure to include it after the street name (e.g., 1729 First Street NW)
    • Include your complete street address (e.g., Drive, Avenue, etc.)
    • If you live in a community with a unique name that's part of a larger city, try entering the community name instead of the city name

    For Units, Apartments, Suites, etc.:

    • Try alternate names for your unit type (e.g.,. Apartment or Suite) as well as abbreviated formats (e.g., Apt or Ste)
    • If you live in an apartment with several floors and apartments, include your floor and apt number (e.g., Flr 1 Apt C)
    • If you live in a building that's assigned a building and unit number, include the building and/or the unit number (i.e. Bldg P Apt 21)
    • Use spaces between numeric and alpha characters (e.g., Bldg P Apt 3 A)

  4. Why did I receive a notice that my address was changed when I did not make a change in My Verizon or the My Verizon app?

    Your billing address is automatically updated based on a monthly file received from the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS sends these updates once customers have resided in their new residence for a minimum of 30 days.

    When a change of address is submitted with USPS, that gives authorization that any mail identified with the previous address will be forwarded to the new address. Verizon Wireless must comply with the standards set by the USPS.

    Visit the nearest USPS location to ensure it has your correct address on file and resolve any additional or unique address change issues.

  5. What's the difference between a billing address and a service address?

    Generally, your service address is the same as your billing address. Your service address is the address where you live, or if you're a business customer, it's the address where you work. Your service address is used to calculate your taxes and surcharges and can't be a PO Box address. If the service and billing addresses aren't the same (e.g., a child away at college), you can update the service address for any of your devices so your taxes and surcharges are calculated correctly.

    Your service and billing addresses can be changed in the My Verizon app or from the Change Billing Address page in My Verizon.

  6. Why are the last 4 digits of my ZIP code auto-filled when I change my billing address?

    If you don't enter the last 4 digits of your ZIP code, our system will recognize the ZIP code and fill them in for you.